“This is Just a Nightmare”

I kept my word.
 I built a 3D version of a scary poem I recently wrote, on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, in time for Halloween (see post; Afloat)
I will enclose a few teaser photos to give you an idea, and one of the four musical compositions I wrote, that play in the media stream as you float out at night in the middle of the ocean. Really I think you will find ifrightening, or relaxing depending on your attitude, but this musical piece, is pretty creepy and will push you more into the nightmare mode of the installation. Please click this link to open an mp3 file and hear it for yourself (shivers… as this really IS my nightmare!) This is just a Nightmare.mp3
The link at the end of the post will get you to the landing…after that sit in a float and you are on your own…

“You’re never going to get out of here alive…”

“They will eat you, you know…you know that.”

The sounds and the uncertainty and the music surround you..things under your flimsy boat go *bump in the dark…

“I can wake up. This is just a nightmare…”

A dome in the distance provides a surround nightmarish experience while you float.

“I can just wake myself up.” “So do it! So wake yourself up.”

There is a feeling of false security if you go to experience Float with a friend..

“What’s that sound?????”

Come feel the 3D experience soon:
Here is your portal to my Nightmare. Click on it below:
Float on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand

Take the chance and enter…. 


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9 Responses to “This is Just a Nightmare”

  1. WaMark says:

    This was a fun build to visit, Karima. Thanks for sharing it. Under the stars and sinking into the dark water surrounded by hungry, hunting denizens of the deep will scare many I think…although…I found it a bit relaxing too (could be because I love being in the ocean and it reminded me of my old pet shark in Costa :P) Note: When you visit this, make sure you cover all the areas, as the audio program changes according to your location. I especially liked the “I can wake up” moments and the trip-esque light show dome of crunching terror…


    • Yes Mark, you are one of those who is at home out beyond where you can no longer see the shoreline…but some of us….are not:) Ohh thank you..yes as the floating boat is a random trip, you don’t even know where you might end up. The 4 light tubes each has it’s own ambiance and music and yes the light show “crunches” around you:) So glad you enjoyed this music and the build. Thank you for the grid-hop visit and your comment


  2. Envisions the depth of darkness and…strobe lights with wild shadows (lol)?! The music is ultra cool; you oughta sell it on iTunes (smiles). I sure hope I’ll get a glimpse of the ‘nightmare’ soon 🙂


  3. Oh sis I am ready to give you the royal nightmare tour.(and that goes for anyone else too..just ask me:) Glad you like the music..It’s very “stalky but sticks with you:) Thanks Diz for dropping by and leaving your impressions:)


  4. Nat says:

    Oh my this is a real nightmare. I was so scared, when I was there again this morning. Alone.
    I love your creations Karima, cause they mostly remind me of something. This one after all, when I once swam in the Titisee at the black forest and the seaweed tickeld my feet. You know thats only the seaweed, but…what if it is not? I swam ashore as fast as I could. LOL. My my.
    The wide open sea… floating…listening …dreaming….whats that…something tickles my foot…def no seaweed…my litlle boat is sinking…swimming..swimming for my life…but there’s no shore…no way out…and they are many…Gosh!


  5. You really did surprise me Nat!! and now I know why you went back to Float:) I love my gift,(see my post When Nightmares turn to Daymares) your vision of my build through your video eye..It teases, and at the sane time causes uncertainty..blood frenzy, then wide- open shots of the sea..the clouds almost look like land..but then we see they are only clouds..how cool..I loved your seaweed story..I got the “creepy-tickles” just thinking about that…


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    I enjoy revisiting your nightmare with your photography attached. Kitely, SL, RL, and beyond are blessed to be touched by your continuing creativity!


  7. and I am blessed by your unconditional approval and interest in all I create Hoyt. Thank you..


  8. Shesa Qaundry says:

    I remember when you were thinking of this. You wanted a “Halloween scare”… but not the usual haunted house theme. “Something really scary” you said. ;o) …and in typical Karima fashion, you pictured it in your mind, then brought it out… and built it… with all the detail your mind conjured… where you could share it with all of us. Thank you so much. It is so “Something really scary”!!
    I would love to come see it in Kitely. RL has encroached so much on my other (second, third, and otherwise) lives… but I’m working on it.
    Sorry for the late comment, sweetheart. Ironically, for my Halloween, we were attacked by the ocean itself… not something in it. *smiles* ;o) Hugs Karima! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful imagination with us!


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