Taken Away ~ A Short Poem in Response to The Connecticut Elementary School Shooting


Taken Away

if you have your children hug them
if you have your children love them
nothing is for certain
and nothing has to stay
when you least expect the news
when you don’t consider insanity as now the rule
you receive that phone call
and are told they have been taken away.

if you have your children hold them
if you have your children kiss them
security does not exist
when chaos makes its play
when you are making shopping lists
for Santa’s tree or holiday gifts
you receive that phone call
and are told they have been taken away.

Karima Hoisan
Dec. 14th 2012
Costa Rica

 my sincere condolences,
for all the families affected
in the  Connecticut elementary school shooting

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17 Responses to Taken Away ~ A Short Poem in Response to The Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

  1. All I can say is thanks, Karima.


  2. You are so right, Karima….life is fragile and we need to cherish our loved ones ..in every moment !!!!
    I`m staying speechless before this tragedy and my thoughts are with the victims and their families. Thank you for your compassionate words *****


  3. tube/Ron says:

    Thank you, Karima. A nice tribute for all those precious lives cut way too short way too soon. When you have children and grandchildren…the pain and terrible reality is visceral and always prowling near your front door. Don’t ever let an opportunity go by without picking them up (unless they’ve out grown their oldies) and letting them know how much they are loved. Every day.


  4. Steve Rogers says:

    Unflinchingly true. Security as we commonly understand it is a mirage. But I still wish you a Happy Christmas 🙂


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  6. Debbie Bongiovanni says:


    That poem was beautiful. I have a poem that I would like to share.


    Today our country is in mourning,
    And we are so very sad,
    Because many innocent lives were lost,
    And we are so very mad.

    The looks on the children’s faces,
    Brought tears to everyone’s eyes,
    As they were led out of the building,
    And you could hear their cries.

    So please hug your children everyday,
    And tell them how much they’re loved,
    Also make sure you let them know,
    They’re loved by the man above.

    So let us pray for all of the victims,
    And all of the family members too,
    That they find the peace and comfort they need,
    Because that is what we’re supposed to do.


    I hope you like this poem.


  7. Nat says:

    it is unbelievable how easy one stupid can destroy families, dreams, lives.
    That makes me so sad but angry too. My thoughts are with the families and their loss.
    Thank you very much Karima, for your words. I can’t find a word nor a picture


  8. Hoyt Heron says:

    “The innocent are never targets of fair play.” “When chaos makes it’s play.” As is the rule, your words are most powerful and prophetic. As a writer, you have been chosen to speak the truth no matter how tragic. It took strength for you to use your words for this. This holocaust leaves me destitute and depleted.


  9. Carol says:

    In A Split Second

    Connecticut this morning for the whole world to hear,
    Why this happened is not quite clear!

    December 14th seemed a glorious day,
    Till heroes and angels were suddenly taken away,

    Heroic people who never lost sight,
    gave up their lives to do what was right.

    While correcting papers and writing down scores,
    they found themselves in the middle of war.

    A sudden change of time and space,
    a gunman ended up in the wrong place.

    A place where children come to learn and play,
    not a place where lives should be taken away.

    The microphone was turned on to give warning to all,
    and soon thereafter another angel did fall.

    I’m sure they’re looking down from heaven above,
    knowing they sacrificed all for the ones that they loved.

    THEN heroes stood up with boots on the ground,
    To let a madman know they weren’t backing down.

    They weren’t prepared for war we know,
    but love and bravery to the world they’d show

    Although these words can’t bring you closer,
    remember they went to work as teachers and came out as soldiers.

    So it doesn’t matter what battle you fight as long,
    as you know the battle is right.

    Give them the credit that they deserve,
    when every day people STOOD to protect and serve.

    So hug your children and squeeze them tight,
    whisper in their ears each and every night.

    We all have guardian angels in the heavens above,
    watching over us with everlasting love.

    God Bless Connecticut

    By C.J.Falkner
    Omaha, Nebraska


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