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“Pale Veiled Memory on MasticadoesUSA

Pale Veiled Memory Pale specter in the mind of nighttime’s sheer illusions,You no longer glide through my blowing veiled halls.Hard reality, sometimes known as truth, has snatched you upAnd turned you into boring commonness, so cold and colorless…. Please continue … Continue reading

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Dissolving & Becoming

It has been weeks since I posted or been a good community member,  and I am sorry for that, but I have been working very hard on building a sim-wide memorial for Natascha. It is still not ready, but hopefully … Continue reading

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The Cemetery Far Away

David Friedrich- The Cemetery Entrance The Cemetery Far Away for Natascha I’m writing letters to you in dreams I am making movies too, It’s so one-sided, just my voice, I only hear me speaking… never you.. I am talking to … Continue reading

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In The Window

           ~*~This is the Recording I made Live at a Reading in 2010.I invite you to listen as it was written to be performed to music.RECORDING of  “IN THE WINDOW“ In The Window(for umahmad) …and there … Continue reading

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You Snored Like A Bird

                                                    Painting by Evelyn Hamilton You Snored Like a Bird I never believed people like you existed: When you hovered off the ground instead of walking… When you laughed, I heard wind chimes tinkling around the corners of your eyes, … Continue reading

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Lie To Me

Lie To Me(inspired by the song, https://youtu.be/b0-HtQ_XyGI)A long time ago, I sat in an airplanein the days of the iPod,my marriage dissolving into the cloudstrailing like a tail on the jet stream.I was going West and leaving my heartache behindlistening … Continue reading

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I Miss Violet

I miss Violet… the days of Violet.. when she roamed the streets and shops and forests, the innocence of a brand new world, building itself without a plan.. When all was new and the virtual world was a looking glass … Continue reading

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Reality Check

Reality Check          ~^~ Yes! I remember… The night sounds of summer, Windows echoing the call to prayer, The kids playing in the streets, The wind blowing our sheets, Curtains swaying to the beat, With too loud music from a … Continue reading

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Loved and Lost

Because… I’ve loved and lost and only pain can take me to those remote realms, where I almost feel giddy as if I were about to fall right out of the sky… and it’s too hard for me to grab … Continue reading

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Satin Doll Solo

Satin doll…smoke-filled room, eyes all over you… feather boas, crowded ashtrays, hard wood stools and plumes, dark brick walls behind the bar, where the trash turns smoky blue; couples fumble vertically, up against the wall pressing their passion under the … Continue reading

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