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I Miss Violet

I miss Violet… the days of Violet.. when she roamed the streets and shops and forests, the innocence of a brand new world, building itself without a plan.. When all was new and the virtual world was a looking glass … Continue reading

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Reality Check

Reality Check          ~^~ Yes! I remember… The night sounds of summer, Windows echoing the call to prayer, The kids playing in the streets, The wind blowing our sheets, Curtains swaying to the beat, With too loud music from a … Continue reading

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Loved and Lost

Because… I’ve loved and lost and only pain can take me to those remote realms, where I almost feel giddy as if I were about to fall right out of the sky… and it’s too hard for me to grab … Continue reading

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Satin Doll Solo

Satin doll…smoke-filled room, eyes all over you… feather boas, crowded ashtrays, hard wood stools and plumes, dark brick walls behind the bar, where the trash turns smoky blue; couples fumble vertically, up against the wall pressing their passion under the … Continue reading

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The Mourning Wolf

A pacing wolf in mourning, the big bad wolf has lost her little girl. No smells of dinner cooking no light waiting in the window no brushing of my tangled fur no couch TV… The walls mock me, “Mad thing! … Continue reading

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The Illusion of You

The Illusion of You The illusion of you was a red- dawn sky after an all- night storm, rose-tipped, filled with hope, looking for stability. What you might have been, lapped at my feet and there was a calm, you … Continue reading

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Mated Beauty, I Remember You

Mated Beauty for Umahmad In your arms, my pain meets its Master’s call To transform obediently tonight, Into a funny child with laughing eyes, Who glows over the room with gentle light. The gifts we get are measured and beloved, … Continue reading

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Taken Away ~ A Short Poem in Response to The Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

Taken Away if you have your children hug them if you have your children love them nothing is for certain and nothing has to stay when you least expect the news when you don’t consider insanity as now the rule … Continue reading

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Way With Words

Way With Words for Umahmad I lost my way with words when I lost you. I had this way with them, I was the gentle trainer, and words were pigeons, squabbling, until I coaxed them to their place. And even if … Continue reading

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“Tar Pit Never” – A Natascha Randt – Karima Hoisan Film

I am proud to present our latest machinima effort, a new inspired collaboration with my friend and respected machinima artist, Natascha Randt. I know this was a hard poem for some to like when it was just a poem, as … Continue reading

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