Karima Debuts @Black Dahlia ~ Thursday Jan. 24th ~ 1pm slt

Thursday at 1pmslt
As I have been saying, I just love a new venue..not new-new, but new for me as a poet, and on this coming Thursday at 1pmslt I will be reading for the first time at Black Dahlia.
Black Dahlia is owned and managed by Thor Monk and his very lovely partner Cailiee. Their Live Music venue hosts regularly some of SL’s most talented talent, starting with my good friend and amazing performer, Tukso Okey, to Jimmy Dukes, Sassy Nitely, Acousticenergy (James Olmos), Anek Fuchs, Joaquin Gustav, Jana Kyomoon, and Avantgarde Frequency, to name a few.
Thor decided to take a chance with me, his first live poetry event there, and I give him and his audience my word, I will give them my all at this debut.
I want to thank Padula Bing, Tukso’s manager and my friend,  for introducing us and making this possible, and I am hoping you will join me, this Thursday at 1pmslt.
Black Dahlia is  an open air, nature-themed environment that avoids any commercialization (you will not see shopping malls, ads etc ) Thor and Cailiee have told me their sim became a reality because of their love of music and the Arts. Two very good reasons to go and enjoy an hour of the spoken word, music and imagery!
Here is your zipline to the venue. 
slurl for Black Dahlia
Look forward to seeing you all….

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