Opening: Torell Nederland Friday February 1 ~ 12:30 amslt ~ Van Gogh Village & Torell Arts & Culture Galleries

Grand Opening Friday Feb.1 at 12:30pmslt

Grand Opening Friday Feb.1 at 12:30 amslt

I cordially invite you to a very special opening, of one of the most beautiful and artistically exciting sims I have seen in many years, Torell Nederland.
Janfolkert Alter and his lovely partner Ellenilli Lavendel are the creators and tasteful visionaries who have worked very hard alongside, imaginative and first class architects and virtual builders to see their dream realized. I don’t want to say too much, I just want to invite you all to come and experience this multilevel world, that goes all the way from being immeresed in a bucolic Van Gogh painting, or a village sidewalk cafe en Arles, to an ultra modern and sleek primary- colored level of galleries and Art installations, a Poetry House, and Rebeca Bashley’s  famous “The Tower”, to name just a few.
JanFolkert is also a poet, published in the Netherlands. He has his poems beautifully displayed, and with just a click they can be seen translated into English from the original Dutch, in the Poetry House. He has honored me, in the most generous of ways, by offering to display my poems alongside, and has given me an entire floor, with more than 20 of my poems lit and organized in a manner that makes them easy to read, and restful on the eye.

"Poetry House" on the Skybox level

“Poetry House” on the Skybox level

The opening is tomorrow Friday, February 1, at 12:30amslt. I include the roster of events and times below:

Friday February 1, 2013
Opening Torell Nederland

Van Gogh Village (Arles)
Torell Nederland Galleries, Arts & Culture

12:30 AM SL time (AMSLT)
21:30 Central European Time (CET)

Place: The Field near Langlois Bridge at the Van Gogh Village

12:30 AMSLT / 21:30 CET
Opening by Elle & JF
Music and dance with DJ Ray

1:00 PMSLT / 22:00 CET
Van Gogh Village Tour by Mudpuddle Cleanslate

1:30 PMSLT / 22:30 CET
Introduction to the Galleries by Janfolkert Alter (JF)

2:00 PMSLT / 23:00 CET
End of official part of the Opening

Ellenilli Lavendel
Janfolkert Alter

I will be there of course, and I invite my readers and friends to join me, and take the tour of this magnificent world dedicated to the Arts and Culture.
Worlds like this one, far and few between, make me so privileged and proud to be in SL!!
Hope to see you there!!

Click on this hperlink for your direct flight to Torell Nederlands

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3 Responses to Opening: Torell Nederland Friday February 1 ~ 12:30 amslt ~ Van Gogh Village & Torell Arts & Culture Galleries

  1. daleinnis says:

    That is so cool! I’m sorry that RL kept me away (work, ick!); I’m sure the opening was great. 🙂 Congratulations again!


  2. What a nice surprise ..your comment.. Thank you dale, it was a lovely event..I am sorry your schedule did not allow you the luxury of joining us..


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