Wired and Happy – Revisited

"Upload complete you alien freaks!!"

“Upload complete you Alien Freaks!!”  Artist: Sigfred Rodenberger

OK..I know..this is pretty out there, but when I went to the Criss Museum back in 2011 to see Sigfred Rodenberger’s show, I was repulsed and fascinated at the same time by this drawing. I put it up in my gallery, where I didn’t really look at it again until a few weeks later. All of  sudden crazy images, and words came flying out of it and spilled all over my paper..I am not sure I picked them all up * smiles, but hope you can make some sense out of it, and just feel a bit crazy too. Two years later, I wrote this music track and I think through the wonders of voice morphing (which I have yet to try) I could do this one live too at a reading someday. Anyway Here it is re-dished up two years later with a new beat (my own) and still as scattered and wired as ever. For those of you who are new to my blog, please don’t judge me by just this one 🙂 Click on the .mp3 link below to hear me recite, come on don’t be lazy…just give it a click *winks
Wired and Happy – Karima Hoisan.mp

Wired and Happy
Inspired by the drawing of the same name~ Artist~  Sigfred Rodenberger

I gotta Bluetooth in my Third Eye
sending me secret files from Mars-
Upload Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
Hooking Up to World SatCom
so my fingertips can drop those bombs.
I’m a wired drone coming to your neighborhood soon-
I have the universe in my cortex,
I’m a werewolf’s metaversed full moon
and I’m howling too.

I got 5 beats going a.t.m.-euro tecno- tecno ecno –
ethno chill -groove and discoverable-
From tip to toes I’m wired to capture every nuance of my dance.
I can play it back when I close my eyes
boogie with myself ‘n be my own romance.
I’m wired and happy about it-
You getting it? I’m wired and happy about it!

My Bluetooth is beeping, so just excuse me-
I have 24 encrypted files that are downloading you see-
Shaking  my cardiac arrest for all it’s worth-
Makes me go….
Makes me go….
So wired and whack and I don’t look back!!!
Download Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!

I’m processing 15 YouTubes while I dance in this Geeked -Out- Club!
My kind of peeps, androids posing as bouncers and thugs-
I’m editing, splicing, and drooling and that’s the way I like it!
Wired and happy about it-
I said I’m wired and happy about it!

I just copied 16 thousand frames and never lost the beat.
I’m dropping the lot in your DropBox and re-logging
just to get back my speed-
I got 10 songs going ’round and ’round
My tongue is numb so I roll it up and hum along-
Conversion Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
I’m wired and happy about it..
I said  I’m wired and happy about it!

Karima Hoisan
March 30, 2011
Virtual Art Gallery Linc Island SL

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18 Responses to Wired and Happy – Revisited

  1. jan betts says:

    Oh this ol’ poem has raised up it’s bizzare head in a new ride on the wild side… OMG where does Karima come up with so many really amazing poems… all so different!!! and the voice and your new music
    in this one is perfect!!! Oh Dearest Karima… thank you for your never ending ceaseless creative effervescence… this one is a wild ride for sure!!! Leaves a big smile…


  2. Smiling as big and goofy as our “wired-one” I too wonder at times, especially about this one, that right from the beginning made me question my sanity being drug-free and all), what do I even know about this? But I know those overflowing surges of creative bursts, we all know about , so I just sort of translated that into this CRAZY drawing by Sigfred. Sigfred as you know Jan, has inspired two very different poems, because his “Sniper” was what inspired my poem “Her Name was Noor” From one end of the spectrum to the other…Yes, I like that voice too, and have used it on several machinimas..It’s me but ahh quite a lot more androgynous;) but you know even the “tom-boy” stage of me:) Thank you so much for this comment..made me happy and a tiny bit “wired” too:)


  3. Scottius says:

    I’m dancing in my chair, wrapped in cables, plugs, and cords.




  5. Sigred Rodenberger says:

    WOW!…love it! The words are so in connection with the drawing and now the music? WOW! Perfect beat while looking at the drawing. This is a happy union of a visual, rhythmic words and danceable music. And the voice is great….a little Kraftwerk with human emotions, not too cyborg’ed. I’m proud that you did this. Is it possible to use the link on a Facebook page or is that violation of copyrights? Hugs and a greater hug and an even greater hug


  6. Oh Sigfred, when the artist comes, and gives me his seal of approval..I am so glad I decided to revisit this mad wonderful drawing!! Your words have energized me, at this late hour..and of course you may put it on Facebook or anywhere; everything I create is to share:):) Thank you once again for sharing your own art that inspires and provokes and delights!!


  7. Wild! Like you, Sissy, I look at that artwork and it’s both intriguing and a little gross, lol, but made a whole lot more alluring by your witty performance… smiles. Digging that beat and the voice morph is so cool 🙂 Loves that you reach back into your awesome treasure chest and re-imagine some of your works. Fan of your’s for LIFE, dontcha know it?!


    • Ha ha Diz..gross Is a good adjective!! I think Sigfred with this drawing has made a very telling comment about our modern tech times..Can you even get a teenager’s attention while they are plugged into their Ipod and texting on their Iphone? (or other brands not Apple smiles) Glad you came along for the ride sis!!


  8. Holy Moly! This is…this is…this is….INSANE!!! Hahahahah OMG I loooove looove love it!!! After listening again and again, cause it fits a German reading called “Nerdy and lovin it” I heard last friday, I have pictures in my mind, and they will never go away, if I do not something..with them..eeehm:)
    There’s only one term, Karima, to describe your poem (I use in the title of my latest video too, lol), it is absolutely UBER COOL!!!


  9. Hey Hey Natskers!! If you say it is “uber cool” I know I just produced a hit!! lol Oh yes, this would fit in “Nerdy and lovin it” smiles…As I said to Diz, Sigfred’s bizarre drawing makes quite a statement on our times..Soon we will have the chip implanted so we can remove that Bluetooth from our third eye (so hard to get a hat that works with it plugged in :):) I love that you LOVED it..Sometimes it’s ok to be INSANE!! (I am learning from these comments:)


  10. Janfolkert Alter says:

    If I watch Sigfred Rodenberger’s drawing, hear this distorted male voice of Karima’s twin brother and read the text of the poem… my first emotion is: It’s kind of funny. I have to laugh. The music, the beat, suppresses laughter. Is it funny? I see an image of a computerized, bionic man. It seems a future vision but things like Bluetooth, Drones, YouTube and Dropbox are so 2013 that the vision fades. In 100 years a computerized man will certainly not look this way. And ‘wired’ is outdated, “wireless” is the future and it will be different than we can possibly imagine. What remains is a sensation of madness on the use of current technology.

    But why this madness? The voice and the beat have something ominous. The tone gives same emotions when dropping bombs and the casual look at your watch. Devoid of humanity. Our existing technology developed further to drones, sowing death and damnation with a joystick in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other? The tone of the distorted voice and the beat – more than the words – are sending this message to me. More than the words.
    Well done Karima, very clever. Beautiful and ugly. Fascinating.


    • Hello Jan,
      wow thank you for visiting this poem, and leaving your very well expressed and multi-layered thoughts. Yes I too see this in the poem, the performance and the drawing..There is the comical, the satire, and then there is that grotesque truth, also behind it all. There is something ominous about techno-destruction..something not very futuristic, but rather something we are living with, whether we choose to see it or not..Then there is just that glorious level of the happily over-the -top.. the super-energized, inspired and wired bursts of creativity, we all can claim, who produce in the Arts.
      I find it so interesting the poem impacted you more through my fraternal twin’s voice (smiles) and the driving beat. I actually played two electric guitar tracks, one ascending in arpeggios, and slid the pitch up to max. so they sounded really like some odd electrical blips, maniacal bleeping going on while he uploaded and down-loaded to and from Mars:) I like that, that was what affected you, more than the words..I think probably the music and the drawing, could stand tall together…without thinking too much about what it was saying:) just how it was saying it..


  11. Hoyt Heron says:

    This zingy, zappy, zestful, look at humanity in the 21st century makes me smile. Is it possible that you left nothing of the modern, electronic, techno world untouched in this one? It seems you have covered all the dimensions of prevailing technology. Not only with your words, but with your deep robotic techy voice and modernistic music. Once upon a time, you were introduced to a cutting edge movie about the future, by someone close to you. Kubrick’s Space Odyssey. I wonder if this began your journey to writing about the future. Because if my memory serves me right, you have served up other poems and stories describing what might be in the impending, proverbial cards for us. This one should be read by everyone. Spielberg, where are you?


    • Aww Hoyt..as you know my mom loved Sci fi..It seems where I go my craziest , is in those futuristic poems, I did one for MenuBar called “Cracked Planet” I had tried to do this once or twice live and never liked how it worked with the “found music” I was using. You are to “blame” for me even revisiting it one night, because in your comment about “The Possessive”, you said maybe Jan and I were encrypting our messages, and that made me re-read this one…sooo all your fault! but….thank you for loving just about everything I do..Who else can claim that?


  12. daleinnis says:

    Haha this is wonderful (and yeah maybe scary) craziness. Listening to it multiple times (and wish I was dancing in that club!). Makes me go WOOOOOOOOOO! You are so full of surprises and new aspects of your talents…


  13. I’ll plug you in to a T. Show and watch you go “WOOOOOOOOOO” with the rest of the family. Aww thanks Dale, for your kind words and support. I think the Karima playlist might wind up
    ” Uber -Diverse” 🙂 to quote my favorite German director:)


  14. spiralsilverstar says:

    MY conversion is also complete, Karima!! lol, love this one!


  15. Oh Spiral..You Alien freak!! lol… Join the club, and you fit right in too with your other-worldly video surrealism:)


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