Re-Cap Relay For Life-Art Faire-Ce Soir Arts-April 6th

Last Saturday I read for a good cause, RFL in SL at Ce Soir Arts, and today I post some of the pictures of that event, and also the recording of the reading.
The audience was not real large, but very warm and giving, and the event was enjoyed by all.
I want to thank Sanne Brune, Odracir Wrigglesworth, and Dale Innis for passing me these great photos.
Click on this link if you were unable to attend and would like to hear the entire reading.
Relay For Life April 6th Karima Hoisan
Thank you Mireille and Aeon for being such generous and welcoming hosts. I was very proud to be part of your activity.


“It’s a long hard road to victory….


Photo by Odracir


Just a buoy in the night…


The Conservatory; filled with Art and poetry and generous souls

handsome host

Our handsome host Aeon Woodford

beautiful hostess

Our beautiful hostess Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford

Sometimes we smile at the oddest times....

Sometimes we smile at the oddest times….


Dance before you cry…

Natascha, the one and only...

Natascha, the one and only…


Gorgeous Hype taken by Sanne

Poets flock Hype & RoseDrop

Poets flock… Hypatia & RoseDrop


Pants and top by Gamma


Sanne captured by Dale


Tubeguy and Odracir up front


Yesikita Coppola

Thank you

Back Stage and Thank you Miss Innis (in red)

Janfolkert Alter, owner of Torell Nederland sent these nice ones to me today too. Thank you Jan for coming to the event and for these pictures below:
Kari - The Art Faire for Relay For Life 02Kari - The Art Faire for Relay For Life 01Kari - The Art Faire for Relay For Life 03

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2 Responses to Re-Cap Relay For Life-Art Faire-Ce Soir Arts-April 6th

  1. Karima, we at Ce Soir Arts and the SL Music Races for a Cure Art Faire & Auction thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing your poetic gifts with us. Your donation of time and talent to this important cause is deeply appreciated, as raising both awareness and funding for RFL of SL is the focus of this event. Your presence here and the kindness of both yourself and those who gathered to enjoy your work has made a lovely difference in our efforts. Thank you so much!


  2. Oops so sorry I missed your comment until now…It was as always my pleasure to read for you and Aeon on your beautiful sim..and this afternoon was more special because of the very important reason we were all there:) Big hugs to you Mireille.


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