Karima Reads @ Four Bridges Sunday April 28th at 12noonslt

Speakeasy Four Bridges Project

Four Bridges Speakeasy

Always love a first time!
First times can be a little scary, but they can also be exciting and Red and I (talkwithmarie) activist, poet and host of this poetry get-together, have been talking about this for sometime, and the stars finally aligned  for me to read there this coming Sunday at:
12:00pm slt.
I will do a shorter 30 minute reading, so please come early.
It will include some of my latest poems and musical compositions that I use for my backtracks, as well as reciting live over carefully selected music from my favorite playlists, all on stream.
Red, as I said above, is a busy, activist, both Rl and Sl who works with various nonprofits, including her own, The GIRLS Project. She produces alternative media (Talk!with Marie, Girl TV and special segments) through a local community television station but also is a media critic. Her shows focus on social issues/events
As Red invites in her profile:
“The Four Bridges SpeakEasy is a gathering place for poets, artists, activists, and dreamers. Bring your guitars and your words and come discuss, enjoy and be.”



Join Red and friends, Sundays@11 am slt for open mic poetry with some amazing poets/writers in sl. Bring your own poems or those of your favorite writers to read. You can read any genre or simply listen and enjoy the relaxing setting.
Can’t wait to see you:”)

This will be one of my final readings, before I take a break for a few months, so if you enjoy what I do with my poetry and my music on stream, please join me Sunday at 12noon (or come early and read a poem or two on open mic)
As always I look forward to your presence which truly does give me moral support for my poetry, and spend a relaxing time on a very well-established and respected Sim
The Four Bridges Project
Four Bridges is a virtual sustainable global community model founded on the four principles of respect for nature, universal human rights, economic and social justice, and a culture of peace.

I can surely agree with all Four!!
Here is your fast track super-taxi that will drop you off in the living room:
Just click the link below and I look forward to seeing you there.

Four Bridges Speak Easy

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