Not Random…

"Culture Shock "by Jan Betts

“Culture Shock “by Jan Betts

Not idle words, nor random throws into the game,
I believe some things have meaning.
How sad to think they don’t.
There are times they help us make some sense of pain,
sometimes we actually recognize
we hurt because we grow.

But usually we are lost in the haphazardness
and drown inside our days,
and what might be for the best, we are too weak,
we hide in deep dark places, so afraid
to allow someone to take a flash-light peek
inside our caves.

To breathe within creation is to be another breath.
Over and under, surrounding us is trust
and yet how easily we forget;
that love was the catalyst of our big bang
that sent us streaming into
this thing we call existence, that is still forming yet.

I choose to think, the writer writes
and shows a sincere interest in my life.
I see scenes and plans, along the highway
markers I will pass,
and yes, I too am the creator, and so realize
the great responsibility of that.

Not random, not a game, not without sense or meaning;
I refuse to bow to that sneering cynicism of the day.
We have risen up from tar, and sometimes we take flight
and if we make a few bad judgements, then we choose to fix them
because that too is part of life.
Love is the key to being free, and to sublime surrender it invites.

Karima Hoisan
May 7th 2013
Costa Rica

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9 Responses to Not Random…

  1. Dale Innis says:

    I peek out from the safety of my blanket-fort to applaud. 🙂 Beautifully said, as always.


  2. dulzimordash says:

    Reblogged this on Spontaneous Creativity.


  3. Smiles. picturing you in there..Yes we all have constructed those..of varying depths and varying thickness…In the end we are always vulnerable to the light. Thank you for your comment Dale…


  4. Spiral Silverstar says:

    Although I do believe everything is random, this is an amazing piece. My favorite line: “To breathe within creation is to be another breath.” Bravo, Karima.


  5. Aww thank you for your comment Spiral..glad I randomly met you along the way;)


  6. jan betts says:

    Existence is full of mysteries, of pain/fear and love, confusion and clarity… and yes it keeps forming and destroying and reforming. This poem does express with its well chosen thoughts and words, feelings… this grand adventure. Those most willing to jump in with heart open and eyes flashing will flow with the constant fluctuation offered, even get heartbroken as well as experience the nector of the Deep Heart… where Karima resides with her passions so elequently shared.
    “Love is the key to being free, and to sublime surrender it invites.”… is the secret that is eventually arrives. Thank you Karima, again and again.


  7. Well thank you even more my friend who joined me on Life’s Highway, a few lifetimes back:) Also thank you for allowing me to dip into your treasure chest of amazing paintings to illustrate my poetry, for so many years now..I well remember the culture shock that inspired this one above, and yet it also captures for me, what I would feel, if I actually did think all here was just some random bangings into each other… with no purpose or sense..Luckily I strongly think the opposite of that idea..because well..Life has shown me otherwise:) Thank you dear and long long time friend for being so generous and so talented:)


  8. Hoyt Heron says:

    Miss Karima,
    You have sent my semi-feeble mind into space on this one. I began thinking about all the realms of life that I have visited that are not random….Pelicans over the waves, cactus flowers, children that look like their parents, the geometrical balance of everything, from the galaxy, to the solar system, to our amazing planet, to the design of a bee. I figured given enough time I could make a list that is infinitesimal! Which is a concept, in itself which is so unrandom. As always, I am in awe of your insight!!
    Tu humilde admirador.


  9. Oh poor Hoyt and your “semi-feeble mind” I loved the image you painted for me, running miles and miles along desert roads, contemplating the “not-randomness” of things. Thank you. as always, for cheering me on, in my writings and ponderings. You are my best ruco!


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