The Illusion of You


The illusion of you…

The Illusion of You

The illusion of you was a red- dawn sky after an all- night storm,
rose-tipped, filled with hope, looking for stability.
What you might have been, lapped at my feet
and there was a calm, you can’t deny it.
Oh, I felt it too…rising every day, my good fortune.
I went down on knees, on morning- tide to send a thank you.

The illusion of you, sometimes felt real, in the changing light,
fter those nets were put away, and you were quiet.
When I looked upon your shoulders, I saw soft beauty in my midnight.
Yes, I loved your contradictions, because I thought them mostly mine,
but it hurts like fire and ice today, a cold burn, that leaves a fever.
Too much truth, blew in too fast; how quickly clouds can scatter.

Karima Hoisan
July 28, 2013
Costa Rica

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2 Responses to The Illusion of You

  1. daleinnis says:

    So good, as always. Do we ever know any more than illusions of each other? (Or of ourselves!) But the illusions can be beautiful, and even in some ways true…

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  2. Hi Dale, sorry so long in responding..I am glad you liked this poem..I do too..Oddly enough the ones I like are not big public hits:) Thank you so much for your comment and I agree with you. The illusion can be almost true..ahh bless our virtuality:)


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