Oh! Is Shark Week Over?? Oh well…

A Virtual Sharknado !

A Virtual Sharknado!

Well, of course I was titillated by the idea of a “Sharknado”… combining a couple of humanity’s worst fears into a near-perfect storm and a very silly, exaggerated, but entertaining movie. After getting hold of a copy and watching it (Don’t ask!) I was inspired to try to do something, but wasn’t sure how to approach it when Nat came through with her own version of a group of sharks spinning counter-clockwise in a quick rotation.

Dancing with sharks..keep your legs in

Dancing with sharks..keep your legs in!

So being a non-builder, but a clever work-arounder, I faked the rest, and now there is an amazing Sharknado spinning ominously out in my Bay. It actually looks not bad, and my point of this post, is to invite you to see it. You will land at the lighthouse, which is also the gateway to a pretty nice and romantic underwater area, I have carved out below.


Hop off the dock and explore underwater..but do heed the sign!

I am also proud to announce we have a shark cannon, that shoots sharks of course, but not at them,  just using them as cannon balls (no sharks are harmed) and that is thanks to Dale Innis.
Plus we have the very trending-now..”Indonesian Walking Sharks” that might walk up a hill under your watchful observation. Just keep an eye out they don’t walk under your chair.

evolving right before your eyes....

evolving right before your eyes….

Last but certainly not least, as it is a whole sim of sharks, I invite you to come to my world on Kitely, “Float” and float with the sharks at night in the middle of the ocean. If you never have been to Kitely – Virtual  Worlds on Demand, this could be a very memorable introduction..a heart palpitating experience, to be sure.
Jump in a boat and float.


You land in the middle of a shark-infested ocean…

Let the nightmare begin... on Float...

Let the nightmare begin…
on Float…

So, as you see Shark Week goes on and on in my virtual worlds. If you happened to not have gotten enough of it, please come anytime and partake in my contributions to the theme.
Here are two landmarks you can use for visiting.

Sharknado-LINC Island Second Life- click here
Float – Kitely Virtual Worlds on Demand- click here

Link to a great movie Nat made on Float: This is just a Nightmare” – click here

Hope to run into you there soon:)

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5 Responses to Oh! Is Shark Week Over?? Oh well…

  1. Dale Innis says:

    There’s never a bad time for sharks made of tornadoes! 🙂 I haven’t seen the trendy walking ones yet, I will have to track them down…


  2. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”
    No, no a bigger helo, cause Jaws meets Twister 🙂


  3. He he..just need to be very very brave..and find the storm cellar underwater…when it gets too close:) Thanks for the comment Nat!


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