A Flower-Pocket Garden


…but then a flower begins to bloom inside your pocket…

A Flower Pocket Garden

In the dark and quiet moment of a rainy morning,
There is some sunlight to be found inside my heart,
And although I’ve encountered much that’s disappointing
There are still some miracles that set a day apart.

The planned things, have their value and their order
So solid and secure with each week mirroring the last,
But then a flower begins to bloom inside your pocket,
Where you never thought to find it, as you sowed your seed on grass.

If you carefully reach in and touch the petals and the stem,
You will see it’s as real as those well-known gardens pruned before you,
Where rose bushes do not change and marigolds are playing with light,
This flower is impossible, yet it lives to let you know you’ll make it through.

Love shows itself sometimes in brash and boasting elegant bouquets.
It comes with chocolate candies and cards and midnight dates.
But on those rainy mornings, it might come in such an unexpected way,
by flowering in your pocket, bringing hope of an unseen better fate. 

Karima Hoisan
September 16th 2013
LINC Island SL

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15 Responses to A Flower-Pocket Garden

  1. A comment from my friend Mojo who left it on FB and said I could copy it to here:
    “Mark Morris Your poetry is just not unlike an artesian well. It flows with a hidden obvious truth, quenches the thirst within our souls, and gives life to our own inspirational gardens.. On behalf of the world, I thank you for the gift you share with us ~mojo~”


  2. Wow yes, these words are really true!


  3. daleinnis says:

    I love your imagery; as usual! A flower blooming in your pocket: who would have thought of that? And yet it’s so perfect…


  4. Smiling at Dale…thank you for always seeing my words so visually:) and for your enjoyment of what I do.


  5. Scottius says:

    A flower quietly and gently persevering into a miracle…very nice.


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    As always your words are magic! No one! I repeat. No one can unscramble and arrange words like you. You are truly unparalleled when it comes to painting with words. Believe me when I say that I hold each and every one of your writings next to my heart. You are a treasure ruca.


  7. Steve Rogers says:

    What a nice little thought… and sometimes the little ones have a lot of power like a seed crystal 🙂


  8. Oh yes, I think they do! Thank you Steve for stopping by to grab a nibble off my poetry table
    Was a nice surprise and I see you liked the thought too:)


  9. lunabranwen3 says:

    I did read this a few nights ago, and came back to it tonight to leave a comment. The image stayed with me. The poem conveys a sweet sentiment without being overly sentimental, and I like the image that it creates very much. Recently I reread the book “The Little Prince,” you may remember (if you’ve read it) that he tended a lone flower on his distant planet, and it was his most precious thing; your poem reminded me of that and more, because the flower “is impossible.” And, yet, it’s not. It’s quite a lovely poem, dear Kari


  10. Oh Luna thank you for this review..You words quoting mine: ““is impossible.” And, yet, it’s not.” Is a very nice definition of a miracle I think. Don’t you agree? I do remember “The Little Prince” and yes a lone flower in a desert, is so precious and so priceless..One in your pocket, is so intimate in a way….:)


  11. You bloom in my head.


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