The Random Generosity Drop

Sometimes ideas are born without even thinking about them. This one was, and I want to share it, because I think it might have an easy universal appeal. It’s a win-win-win kind of thing. Everyone wins, and directly two will know why, and one, will just see it as some good luck.
Sooo….you have someone who is having a birthday, or a special holiday, or a commemoration, and you want to acknowledge that. Gifts that run in the $5-$10 range would be considered pretty cheap, and perhaps not worth giving. You might have to go out and shop for something a lot more expensive, and they might already have two of them, or not really like it or have one put away in the closet. I can assure you this gift idea would not have that problem, and it costs only between $5-$10. It’s all up to you.
Here are the steps:
1. You take a bill from your local currency, inside that price range and you write (depending on the occasion for the gift)
“Happy birthday So and So and to the one who finds this Good Luck”
2. Take a picture of the bill with the inscription and after step 3, send it to the one you dedicated it to.
3. Go into your town, and stealthily (so no one will give it back to you) let it drop on the sidewalk….and keep on walking.
That’s all there’s to it.
If you are in France, write it in French, in the USA..well leave your message in English. The important thing is: Whoever finds the bill will be happy. They will read it out of curiosity and they will wish your friend a….
“Happy Birthday” “Happy Anniversary” “Merry Christmas” etc.
Somehow this random inter-connectedness feels so beautifully Cosmic, almost like a singing telegram, because a smiling stranger, or should I say, “yet-unknown-friend” will happily say the greeting!
A $5 bill found on the ground is worth more than $5. It is worth the positive thought that “This was their lucky day”
It’s random, and maybe some more deserving people will find it than others, but that is not the point. All who find it (deserving or not:) will be happy and will say the greeting with good cheer and a smile on their face.
When you send the picture, just say where you dropped it and that is the whole gift.
I include one I did in Spanish in my town, for a friend ( I erased the name here to protect anonymity:) who had a birthday. He really appreciated his gift and also did one on his own..and this is how it can spread. If you get one, give one..and pass it on. They make great thank you notes too:)

For _____ on his birthday and who finds it, The Luck"

For _____ on his birthday and who finds it, The Luck” (5000 colones=$10)

...and for who finds it"

For ____…and for who finds it”

The inscription can be what you want it to be, just make sure the person finding the bill, realizes it was a premeditated drop. The rest is up to beautiful random fate!
Let me know if you like the idea…and if you do, let me know when you do one:)

Natascha just posted this on her German Blog:) I love her choice of words:)
See her whole post on it *Translate in Google:) here:

Natascha's Gift to her Dad

Natascha’s Gift to her Dad

Darauf habe ich das gekritzelt: “Für Papa
Du hast mich gefunden! Das war der Plan, ein kleines Stück vom Glück.”
Then I scribbled this: “For Dad
You’ve found me! That was the plan, a little piece of happiness. ”

Anyone else? I will add them here whenever you send me an image or a blog post

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12 Responses to The Random Generosity Drop

  1. This is lovely grace in action. I plan to do this and will let you know of the experience. Such a smile is on my face now, Karima. Thank you!


  2. An absolutely wonderful idea and as you wrote everyone wins:)


  3. kennet says:

    i like it nice ide smiles


  4. Dale Innis says:

    So simple and beautiful! I will definitely do this. Good karma for everyone! 🙂


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  6. Reblogged this on Digital Rabbit Hole and commented:

    In harmony with my latest poem, I am reblogging a post I did a little over 3 years ago. Tis the season to be generous:)


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