“Festival of Love” Comes to LINC Island Friday Oct. 18th 1:30-2pmslt

One of the great things about having an International film partner (Natascha Randt-Germany) is that every once in awhile, I get to partake in Music, Art and festivities, I would normally not even know about in Second Life.
This Friday, October 18th at 1:30pm-2:00pmslt, Nat is hosting a 30- minute segment of the very popular and well-attended ” Festival der Liebe” (Festival of Love) lovingly referred to as “FdL” She has built a great little movie theater in one of her hangars up at her airport, on skybox level of my sim, LINC Island, and will be addressing a group of enthusiastic film buffs and interested spectators, about a few of our combined projects, specifically, “Follow Me!” and “Blur” If time permits, she is planning on showing a teaser of our soon-to-be-released, “Drink Me With your Eyes.” which will be coming to YouTube soon (as soon as two perfectionists like Nat and I think it is finally ready *smiles)


Sohi Moo, organizer of FdL, in rez with Nat and I onlooking…

FdL is a German event of culture and art in virtual worlds. The theme of this year’s event is “Pixel Thoughts”.
Organized by Brennende Buchstaben and SecondRadio,
it takes place in Second Life and the Metropolis Grid from the 17th – 21st of October, 2013. There are readings (mostly in German, naturally) concerts and exhibitions. Every 30 minutes you can meet another artist.
Born in 2011, this year marks the third FdL event . The idea behind it, besides entertainment,  is to meet other artists and organizers and get fresh ideas, perhaps even work together on new projects.
All artists present their own work, novels, pictures, compositions, art, comedy, short stories and so on.

The essence

Natsker’s Hot Pink Phantom F-4 with my little desert FrogFoot in the background at Hangar Kino

Nat’s sleek shark-nosed Phantom F-4 and my little desert-toned FrogFoot parked  just off the runway at Hangar Kino will welcome you when you arrive above.
Vi & Vo Line -Visualizer & Vocalizer (Nat & I:) born on our last project “Window on a Train” is still alive and well and graces the Hangar Cinema.
Come and join us. Wear a translator and enjoy all of it to the fullest.
More information on Nat’s blog post (in German):

Here is your private Lear Jet which will take you to Ground Level on LINC Island. Just use the Tp to get to the airport above (or holler to Nat or me, and we will bring you up personally…. but just come and enjoy The Festival of Love on LINC!
Private Lear jet for FdL

Here are a few follow- up photos. It was a great event, 26 were present and all enjoyed Nat’s presentation and our movies.

wouldn't you know, it poured.....

Wouldn’t you know, it poured…..

It let up...just in time, and the audience was nice and dry.

It let up…just in time, and the audience was nice and dry.

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