“Drink Me With Your Eyes”- The Teaser

Proud to tease you with this little appetizer to enjoy while you are waiting for the main course (in the next few days hopefully)
This video makes 12, a perfect dozen, collaborations that Randt & Hoisan have produced.


The Randt & Hoisan Team (L-R Hoisan & Randt)

The Randt & Hoisan Team
(L-R Hoisan & Randt)

Natascha and I are “The Team,” We are The Visualizer and the Vocalizer (Vi & Vo) and we love making videos together
. We continue to do so, because we have a small but very loyal audience who believes in us, and watches them and seems to enjoy them.

We hope this teaser will wet your appetite…It is our first sensual and bi-lingual film….
Watch it here, and let us know....

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25 Responses to “Drink Me With Your Eyes”- The Teaser

  1. Yes 12! Unbelievable! But we did it! With a little help from good friends:)


  2. Here’s to lucky 13 Nat…yes our good friends are always the incentive:)


  3. Dale Innis says:

    That’s lovely! As usual I thought the individual scenes were stellar, but when all combined together it’s a whole new level. Y’all perfectionist visual types are amazing. 🙂


  4. Shesa Quandry says:

    Nat Nat Nat!!!!! You are amazing! The horses are wonderful! I can’t believe how great they look. You and Karima SO ROCK! Thank you for the sneak preview ;o)


  5. Nat rocks and you and Gamma have amazing screen chemistry:) Was so much fun to bring these ideas to life:) Thank you for being (once again) part of our production.


  6. lunabranwen3 says:

    Extraordinary! I watched/listened to it three times. Have, in the past, listened to it multiple times since I have it on iTunes from you, Kari, really beautiful. Nat, you and Kari are an amazing team of collaborators who work wonderfully well together in collaborative cahoots! So vital! And, with Shesa and Gamma on hand, what a fine demonstration of pixel chemistry indeed. Can’t wait to see the entire machinima! Kudos and congratulations.


    • Thank you Luna, for your really beautiful and supportive comment…and for passing it on too on fb:) People like you, are why we keep making these collaborations.. If we have an audience who enjoys and loves what we do..well..I am pretty sure we will keep on doing them. I hope so..we have lots and lots of ideas..and that is what starts the magical movie making process into production. SL is so very perfect for these kinds of joint inspirations, and you Luna, have been incredibly positive and and someone we always feel enjoys our end products.. no matter how diverse they might be in style and theme. If we line all 12 movies up side by side..well there is quite an unusual eclectic collection and I am pretty sure you have seen them all (maybe several times:) Hugs


  7. Oodlemi says:



  8. Thanks for watching Ood:)


  9. This is wonderful! I cannot wait to see the entire piece. Congratulations, Karima and Natascha!


  10. Thank you all for your nice comments:) I think you have some days more to wait, cause want to reshoot some scenes. But it will be more eeehm… so stay tuned:)


  11. Janfolkert Alter says:

    You are a team that defies the imagination. The images, Karima’s voice, electrifying, I hear the emotion align with my soul …. I drink your voice, your eyes are an imagination that have to be reality.


    • Jan, how nice to hear from you,and your words will make us work even harder to finish this one soon:)Thank you again so much for your support as a fellow poet and your enthusiasm for our collaborations in machinima.


  12. Scottius says:

    Looks like another stellar Randt and Hoisan effort! Look forward to seeing the whole thing!


  13. Hoyt Heron says:

    Randt and Hoisan…Consider me teased


  14. Nat wrote a small post too. You can find it here (in German): http://aetherisavidi.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/solo-con-tus-ojos/


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