Hang from me...

Hang from me…

Hang from me for just a few moments.
Suspend your disbelief; of course I’m here!
There might be an infinite pile of pieces
but you’ll know mine,
by the smell, the shape, the attitude.
You could find me in a flooded river
and I would be that log on which you cling.
You could find me in the blackest night;
drop down and extend your arms,
I’m that glow before you on the road.
You and I, we make the picture complete.
I’m sure we were the last two pieces
the puzzler kept inside his chest…
right next to his infinite heart.

Karima Hoisan
October 8th 2013
S.I. Costa Rica

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8 Responses to Suspend!

  1. Dale Innis says:

    I love the imagery (as usual!). The puzzler’s infinite heart…


  2. Thanks Dale..I think you reached the heart of the idea:)


  3. Steve Rogers says:

    Such a centred and subtle vision. This one’s going into my Facebook timeline.


  4. I would, have, will, hang there still, then, forever.


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    Of course you are there. That thought alone brings a sigh and a smile. I love your words Miss K!


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