Rivers From The Window

Train Pop Art in Motion - © 2011 Christopher Martin

Train Pop Art in Motion – © 2011 Christopher Martin

You can send me a message from the train,
that carries you past rivers from the window,
a car filled with people saying nothing,
where low whispers draw out the frowns,
and a laugh is charged with capital punishment
as no one should speak to strangers,
or they will be stared down
by the dead people who go into the city.

I will not embarrass your daily role
that packs you into moving dioramas,
where you sit in silence, silence being the golden token
and go missing in the back streets of your memory.
Getting lost in private thoughts that as yet do not offend them,
 you watch those graffiti-spiced retaining walls go by…go by…go by.
You are on both sides of the glass, the curator and the curated,
so it might be o.k. to message me, on your way to the chocolate factory.

Karima Hoisan
November 11th, 2013
Costa Rica

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9 Responses to Rivers From The Window

  1. Wow! Thats awesome. Reminds me of something.


  2. Spiral Silverstar says:

    Your imagery, as always, creates such wondrous pictures in my mind. A poignant piece, Miss Karima!


  3. Why thank you Spiral..Your Transit video made me think we had a cosmic link there for a second:)
    This is Spiral’s very new, surreal and cool commute into his mind:) I recommend it.


  4. daleinnis says:

    Gad, so true! I’ve done some commuting in RL, and (now that a poet mentions it 🙂 ), one of the weirdest things about it is the silence of all those scurrying people. The only ones talking are either people travelling together whispering to each other, people who are drunk, or shouting about their religion, or the occasional eccentrics singing along with the voices in their heads. I don’t know if this is just our boring Western / Northern trains or not. 🙂 Hm, I may feel an RL weblog entry coming on…


  5. Thanks Dale..Our trains are way nosier down here, but Chicago is still this way…I’m glad you could relate it to your experience.It is unbelievable the noise level sometimes on our public transportation.and then boof…..the code of silence that I think also extends to the Great Lakes as well as what you say, your “boring Western/Northern trains..”I need to ask Nat about Germany:)


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    This is great and so insightful. We have seen this on trains, planes, and buses. I’ll bet this poet has taken a ride on a train from Newark to New York City. I would imagine she has taken more than one of such rides. And her onomatopoeiac strategy….”go by…go by…go by…” Just great!!!


  7. Yes indeed she has:) and we have that Newark to NYC train ride in common( albeit a few years apart:) So glad you liked this one Hoyt and heard the beat of the train too:)


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