This Makes Me Proud To Be In Second Life

Barbie Alchemi and her mother Fran Seranade are featured in this amazing “Drax File” machinima episode, showcasing special stories of Second Life. They are the life force of an inspiring sim that has done so much for so many suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. This movie moves me deeply. If you know nothing about Second Life, or what is possible here, I think you will be amazed, and if you already, create, live and are part of our community, you will feel proud to form part.
I gave a poetry reading there in January and was very happy to contribute my words to the vision. See Reading at Creations for Parkinson’s. Nat made a great film of DB Bailey’s instalation there too a while back. DB has Parkinson’s and creates the most engaging and artful spaces on their sim. See: Advice To A Flower
Thank you all for making this! I say no more. Just watch it!

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