Pisces Sisters of Second Life!

Happy Birthday Sissies!

Happy Birthday Sissies!

Or as it says on my Profile:
Take us out of water and we swim even better..

Put us down into the depths and we will always go deeper.
Been more than 6 (6!) years since we were happily hooked in the same lake, thrown back in and formed our little school of SL solidarity, loyalty , love and creativity.
I adore you both ..I adore us..who we are for each other, time tested, man tested,(hehe) we still find the time to swim, dance, laugh, console..Better than blood, chosen by fate and good timing..we are a close knit fish family..and we will swim the SL Seas together forever…inshallah
Suze~Kari~Diz..Pisces to the very gills!!



Happy Birthday Beloved Fish Sissies…Here’s to many many MORE!!
and..for ALL Pisces reading this too:)


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4 Responses to Pisces Sisters of Second Life!

  1. What a sweet and heartfelt tribute (((hugs)))… Am so honored to swim in the ever flowing, always adventurous, Pisces waters with you. Thank you Beautiful Sissy-Poo!


  2. Thank you Sis…for swimming into my Life!! It means so much to me!


  3. Suze says:

    Through the still waters of time there is the resonance of continuance; and then an echo of forever; and more. Thank you my dearest Pisces sisters. The echo chimes a siren song few will ever know.


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