Blue Rotation

Here is a not so perfect Google Translation of what Nat said:) I think she looks perfect for my new room on Vector’s Vortex. Her keen eye and experienced filming sense and technique make this a soothing and enjoyable video to watch. Great choice of music Nat! and Thank you!

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  1. Blue is a color, and rotation means rotation. In mathematics, the rotation is a derivative of a vector field.
    And so we have arrived at the subject.
    Vector’s Vortex: Blue rotation.

    Karima has expanded into a kind of creativity fever Vector Vortex’s specifically about a, Skybox I can not call it, rather perhaps floor. Meanwhile, Vector’s vortex becomes a giant work of art. A small section of it, the video shows. I used the opportunity and my avatar from this post: Implants filmed. Additionally brought in. For one, I think, fits the very good and the other is: “… well this is my Sci Fi entry hehe … just on Kitely” (to quote Karima time). Poetic Sci Fi.

    The best view in Full HD:


  2. Thankies for reblog Karima:) Was a pleasure to shot there! YAY!


  3. lunabranwen3 says:

    Quite fabulous!! .. makes me want to visit the Vortex again!! Wonderful way that you presented this in video, both of you!! Amazing!! 🙂


  4. Oh Thank you Luna:) You are very welcome to visit again soon. This room was not built when you came last..and it has a peaceful sci-fi feeling…Look forward to showing it to you:)


  5. Shesa Quandry says:

    Oh my God, you two! This is another masterpiece. You are the most creative “dynamic duo” I know. Just beautiful! Nat’s cinematography is truly amazing. Its so hard to capture the vastness of Karima’s Vortex. Its so huge. She sent me a picture of it and said, “See that little dot? That’s me!” I couldn’t believe it. Nat does such a wonderful job of taking it all in… then, at just the right time, reels us in with a little humanity. Well…. cyborg, but… I LOVE Cyborg! ;o) See! You’re all set for the next competition! You can take the rest of the year off LOL. Not that you will… I know you guys too well. You’re just getting warmed up. ;o) Thank you for sharing this wonderful creation with us.


  6. Ahh thank you are one of my most loyal readers and dearest of friends.. I can’t believe you left me so many comments!! Thank you for caring and taking out of your precious time, some time to leave your impressions. I am so happy Nat wanted to film Vector;s little skybox (or should I say “spacebox”) and yes, her cyborg fit right in:) Hope to entertain you and G there very soon:)


  7. daleinnis says:

    I am so far behind in my weblog reading! But wanted to say belatedly that this is a great film of a great place; The Team strikes again… 🙂

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  8. Thankies for the comments:) This spacebox (hehehe, nice term:)) is an indescribable piece of art and I was wondering what will happen while shooting….and the cam followed some of the rotating pieces by itself and my mind followed the camera. Karima is right, the spacebox has a peaceful sci-fi feeling, but in a way it has this mechanical, technical cold feeling, too. Because of the blue. As you know, in many movies a blue filter was used to emphasize technical things. One of the best examples for that is the Abyss from James Cameron.
    And here comes the cyborg. First of all I thought she looks very cool. And she looks very cool:) But there is that merging of human and machine. And we see the beginning right now in rl.
    The question is, is this the way to immortality? And if so, is it desirable?
    Okies, that sounds a bit philosophical, but that was what I am thinking of, while in postpro mode.
    I am glad you like that little video:)


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