One Last Word About My Beloved Costa Rican Team in the World Cup…

I want to share this great little video made with a lot of love and soul, last Sunday when our small team, who kept dreaming big, beat Greece in the World Cup, and entered the Quarter Finals, something even the USA today was denied. This was the most historic day of our football history. Costa Rica is a humble country , but every man, woman, and child stopped whatever they were doing, and congregated wherever there was a TV to support our team in this game. I found this video on Youtube and I invite you to suffer and rejoice along with us that day “a lo Tico” It’s just like being there:) It gives me tears of pride and joy.  Enjoy!

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14 Responses to One Last Word About My Beloved Costa Rican Team in the World Cup…

  1. I am Definitely pulling for Costa Rica, Kari!!! Great video!!


    • Aww thank you Spiral….nothing like the love of a country for its team..and a team that brings pride to the country. This has been an incredibly emotional ride…and it’s not quite over yet:) The video captures that so perfectly!


  2. janbetts says:

    this video brought all the anxiety and elation back! Costa Rica is the size of West Virginia… tiny and yet…. it made it to the quarter finals…. what a momentous occasion!


  3. Drama! Suspense! Emotions! Passion…and HISTORY! YAAAAAY!!


  4. daleinnis says:

    What fun! You know I am not much of a Sportsball fan 🙂 but even I felt some of the excitement there; go team!!!


    • Thank you “nerdy Dale” I do know sports is not really “your thing” so, it means a lot you could even get into it a little.. This video is hard to resist.Thanks for your comment:)


  5. Steve Rogers says:

    It’s great to see all that happiness in a country that hasn’t been so far in the World Cup before. I celebrate with you!


  6. Aww thank you Steve. Yes! This is the moment we are living..the dream come true, history has been made..and we are still dreaming:)


  7. Maria Vought says:

    Loved every second of the clip sis. As someone from a wee country which has never got beyond the first round – and hasn’t even qualified since 98!, I felt a kinship with the people watching the matches and I’m rooting for you all the way now! The Netherlands? Pshaw. You can take ’em!


    • AWw thank you sis! I knew you would relate to this video. I know Scotland is passionate about football, and I hope next world cup you will live this again:) Thank you for your “roots and cheers: We will need all we can get and a little help from above too on Saturday:) NO matter what happens..we lived this moment…Unforgettable!!


  8. Shesa Quandry says:

    I watched Costa Rica play twice… and discovered a new sport I enjoy, thanks to you, Karima. Like my tennis, except the ball is bigger, and no one is swinging a racquet (probably a good thing lol)… its easy to love because… the whole world is involved! A bunch of really cute guys running around a field in shorts had nothing to do with it, I swear! ;o)


  9. Aww Thank you Shesa…It’s the passion and the solidarity with an entire country I so enjoy and this was a historical World Cup for our little team. I can still get tears in my eyes, when I watch this video. I will never forget that moment, and I am so happy I could help a little for you to discover this wonderful sport too. Hugss


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