The Winter of Some Years


“The winter of some years sails on ice…”   photo and project -Rhea Thierstein

The Winter of Some Years

The winter of some years sails on ice
hope freezes over, as the days pile in drifts
grey and silver, white and cold, lean and starving.

Gone, the plump, the rich, the wildly creative
still as frost on glass panes and closed books.
I never did learn to find my you in dreams.

The winter of some years is a bite, a gnawing
painful lethargy in over-stuffed chairs,
the fire cold, the room filling with icicles and snow.

 When the Spring wets the window, it’s late
All that turned to ice, now turns to slush.
Some years are just forgotten… forever.

Karima Hoisan
June 23, 2014
Costa Rica

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4 Responses to The Winter of Some Years

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    Ahhh……Some words buried away. This is a short, but to the point, stark, and hard hitting piece. Great imagery. I’m happy to say the well hasn’t completely run dry. You are, and remain, “a complex Chinese toy.”


  2. Thank you so much Hoyt! Still seems to be some unfrozen water…deep down:) Glad you liked this one


  3. Wow, very moving piece Kari.


  4. Thank you Spiral…even I am not exactly sure what it is about..but I saw the imagery and then later found this photograph, which seemed very right. I am glad it could affect you, the reader, in some way.. I am many times the last to know what my poetry says….to others:)


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