Boleros in Arabic


so close to perfection

Boleros in Arabic
inspired by this piece by Souad Massi-“Ghir Enta” (Click to play .mp3)

I sing like you, but the chamber music of my heart
plays violins, cellos and strokes sopranos, that most will never hear.
In my dreams I dance the tango in dark clubs in small suburbs
close to the railroad tracks.
Tango bars that fade in and out of the afternoon
hiding under rain clouds and smoke rings.
On wide-wedge heels I execute each step,
so close to perfection
and so is the music
and so is the dance.

Who will prime the old player, put needle to vinyl?
Over and over a request and then another,
Oh that song makes me stay here too long
and I dance.
I dance like you, but the strings that pull me, most will never see.
Boleros in Arabic, Persian perfume, another dancer across the room.
How we always know!
Destiny feels like liquor gone to our heads
but shame on me.
Fear makes us miss the beat and we pass the doorway by.
My thoughts exactly as I keep going;
the dance bar that opens at five in the afternoon,
in the rear -view- mirror
always behind me.

Karima Hoisan
July 10th 2014
Costa Rica

*footnote: Thank you Scottius for showing me this song

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11 Responses to Boleros in Arabic

  1. daleinnis says:

    Lovely and poignant as always! May we all have the courage, now and then, not to pass the doorway by, and slip in and dance to the music in that smoky mysterious club… or on some mountaintop.


  2. Thank you Dale…I guess a sort of recurrent theme in my poetry…that music like this pulls from a nostalgia with no memory..Fear robs us of our memories!


  3. Steve Rogers says:

    Such an assured rhythm, ironically in English despite the title 🙂 You really have become a top poet. I hope there’s a RL book one day.


    • Why thank you Steve! That was a very nice compliment indeed. I hope you also enjoyed the song. It’s very evocative…*warning can cause dreaming and poetry:) There is an RL book out..but that’s an RL secret:)


  4. Oh my, pure sensuousness! A dream of heavy smoky air in a faded and blurry technicolor background, where a dancer lost in reverie, moves to the music, to the rythm.
    A feeling of something that in some kind is not really eeehm.. decorous? But gets you butterflies in your stomach, only thinking of it… btw me too:)
    Should I stay or should I go? Mind vs. Sense. But life is short…
    Soooo…Why not? I mean, I think you know what I mean:)

    Karima you are so talented! Every of your words produces so many pictures and not only pictures. I directly can hear the needle scratching over the old vinyl record, before the music begins and smell the air filled with this heavy sweet perfume. And I love, love, love this:
    “Destiny feels like liquor gone to our heads”



  5. Awww Nat I loved how you shared your visions induced by my poem..the music,..just a wonderful description Thank you! You went beyond..what was written..and I love that, when a poem of mine can cause that in a reader. I even thought..I could make this longer..I could go on and on..but really I just wanted it to tease the reader’s own marvelous ability to picture visually from only a few words, I sometimes lament the human race as a whole, as a “bad experiment” but also I see our wonderful gift to turn squiggles on a page into our own subconscious art. I just loved yours Nat!
    Big Big hugs back Nat!


  6. janbetts says:

    Exotic sensual feast is this poem! the music, then your words that take us into the movements, the rich visuals that arrise… but i never saw fear keep YOU from passing the doorway by… you dive in, and take us with you ! brilliant.


    • Thank you Jan..your very nice comment made me smile..about passing those doorways by… think if you can peek should try and walk through..doors in life beckon take a chance..and when we can ad do go in well….take those we love with us too:)
      Thank you dearest of friends for stopping by and leaving your thoughts:)


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  8. scottius says:

    So delighted that not only did you like this song, but you took it and created a wonderful poetic world for it to reside in!


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