I Was a Guest on Mal Burn’s Inworld Review Nov. 22nd

 With Mal Burns and Tara Yeats-on Inworld Review Photo by Dale Innis

With Mal Burns and Tara Yeats-on Inworld Review
Photo by Dale Innis

Yesterday I was invited by Mal Burns to participate in his Inworld Review on SL television. I want to thank  my friends who came to show support, and especially to Nat who stayed up way past her bedtime(in Germany) to be there until the very end. It was a long show (2 hours 30 minutes) packed with lots of information about Opensim with focus on business, social topics, and art. I will embed the whole show below, and if you have the time, check it all out, but if you are interested in seeing my part of it, I speak at the end starting at about minute: 1.47.20 (1hour 47 mins) I was flanked by Winter Silversmith, Maria Korolov,Mal Burns,Tara Yeats, and Petlove Petshop. It was lots of fun and very educational to be part of this show, and I want to express my sincere thanks once again To Mal for inviting me. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to I Was a Guest on Mal Burn’s Inworld Review Nov. 22nd

  1. joeysl says:

    Well, that was amazing! Having text-chatted with you on various occasions and having listened to your voice in the videos I *kind of* knew there actually is a person behind the avatar. Still it was such a surprise hearing your day to day voice and realising – yes, there truly is a real person somewhere on the other side of the world that I can have real conversations with. THAT’s crossing borders – and that’s fantastic :))


  2. Thank you so much Joey for your comment and yes..this is my day to day voice you are getting from my iphone head-set microphone..no reverb or frilly extras.. I agree with you, nice to put a voice sometimes to the avatar, but I already had that advantage as I came to your lovely reading:)


  3. daleinnis says:

    That was great! 🙂 RL kept me from being there in virtual person, but I did catch most of the stream (including all the parts about you and Nat I think, and all the parts where you were talking). You said very true things. There is so much going on in the virtual worlds these days! So nice to see you up there being part of the In Crowd. 🙂


  4. Thanks Dale for watching the live stream, and for the picture, and your very nice comment.Yes the metaverse like our own universe is expanding..If we don’t take an interest in where it’s going..well we could be left behind..Lots and lots of stuff going on.and very exciting to discover it. The Hypergrid Safari every Wednesday at noonPST is a wonderful way to do that.


  5. It was a looong night 🙂


    • but it was worth being there, because Karima told about how it all begun, our filmaking partnership and some ups and downs and “The Train”. Oh my, a year and a half later it sounds funny, but I remember when we had tears in the eyes. And, and thats a BIg and, Karima told a lot about how our connection works, which is, for me, still a kind of incredible magic.

      Best is, hit play on the yt video and you will know a lot about the Costa Rica-Germany Connection and many other things e.g. Bolero Bars, something about our maybe next big thing and about whats going on in other virtual worlds and hypergrid safari and more. Oh, and something about me, too:)
      So many things and it was interesting and great to listen.
      And yes, I really enjoyed the show!


      • Yes, I was happy that Mal gave me so much time at the end to talk about Nat and I, how we met, our history, how we work, and why it seems to work film after film. As this is our theme of our entry in the UWA Transcending Borders, it was a great opportunity to talk a little about all that. Glad you enjoyed it Nat, and once again thank you for staying awake until the end..Big hugss and loved your comment..Here’s to what comes next….:)


  6. Shesa Quandry says:

    Grrrrr… I was out of the house most of the weekend, and wasn’t able to attend. I’m so glad Nat was there. I hope she had some Costa Rican coffee (the best coffee on planet Earth). ;o) I am thrilled that it was recorded. Can’t wait to watch it through. I know, Dale, right?!!! I hope they don’t forget about us when they hit the big time and move to Hollywood! ;o)


    • Dale who? Shesa who? heheh Thank you sweets for this great comment once again. I think you might have spent hours down the rabbit hole today..Aww thanks for taking the time for doing that. Now come up for air!! Big hugss


      • daleinnis says:

        Hee hee… I will just sit backstage with Shesa and all where it is safe, eating popcorn while you two are out accepting your awards in the scary bright lights!


  7. Popcorn! Save some for me..Scary bright lights can make you hungry:)


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