In Our Matrix

The Eye of The Universe by Selanada

The Eye of The Universe by Selenada at

In our matrix, I’m so thankful for everything…the food that came and went,
your hand upon my head, the crowds, that new car smell or new baby breath.
Even if we prove some day this is just a Matrix play; the parts we play are pre-ordained,
I’m thankful I got mine to play, sometimes over and over until I almost got it right.

Any day is good; is good to remember that nothing should be taken for granted.
All is a gift, whether you think it dropped in like a meteorite
or had your name penciled on the wrapping.

With a plan or without, we make our small outlines that turn into a life.
We make people smile and cry and they lie to us and we to them, and the big if :
If we’ve learned some compassion, we both comfort each other.

If we didn’t interact or intersect could we say we had a life?
Nothing is not in movement..nothing..and we move forward remembering the past.

If as they say this is a great multi – player computer game,
I hope the controller falls in love
with all of us..and plays incessantly
day and night… night and day.

What seems impossible to bear is made bearable
because we’ve learned to love and
forgive, been loved and forgiven.

I’m so thankful that I travel light, no heavy resentments,
no oldie – moldy suitcase full of bitterness and envy.

Even with the bad – luck times, scraping the bottom, gasping for breath,
with all my mistakes, 10 degrees of pain, and the ones left crying in the wake…
Giving thanks, I would do it all over again.

Karima Hoisan
November 28th 2014
Costa Ric

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8 Responses to In Our Matrix

  1. lunabranwen3 says:

    Beautiful, and it makes me miss you and appreciate you all the more, amiga. Hope to catch up with you soon. Many blessings of gratitude and love~ ❤


  2. Oh thank you Luna..and for you too. I really mean that. I’m happy you liked the thought..and hope for a long catch-up soon with you too. Hugss bella


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    Simply put…These are the best words for Thanksgiving I have ever come across! Believe me…I have crossed paths with many beautiful phrases on giving thanks. But…I wrote this one down and hold it close. You are brilliant! Yet again…I repeat myself. Feliz dia de gracias ruca! Por vida, Yo


    • Thank you Hoyt my most (obviously:) partial fan and supporter and partner:) I’ m honored you wrote my poem in your little long-hand book of favorites.. I take that as a great compliment.. I hope your day was loving and delicious:)


  4. I must agree with Hoyt. This is beautifully and succinctly stated. And, thank YOU, Karima for all your wondrous words and builds in virtual worlds. 🙂


  5. Thank you Spiral for also letting me know you liked this one..and for the great compliment at the end..I could throw it right back at you and put wondrous machinima + worlds + really nice flowing waterfall art! 🙂


  6. daleinnis says:

    So good. 🙂 All is a gift, indeed; so much goes best when we remember that…


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