Soul – Infused and Non Soul-infused

on my SL profile’s first page, among other short little quotes of mine, it says,
I’m Kari
a soul-infused avatar
Sl is a world for me and not a game.:)

I wrote that almost 7 years ago, and it was my way of saying that I saw SL not as something unreal but as an alternative reality. Even if you don’t go as far as to believe in a soul, then let’s say conscience, personality+morality, something that humans have (or should have) and we infuse all that in our avatars. They have our thoughts, our beliefs, our talents and sociability and they represent us on every level because we are the ones who breathe life into them, otherwise they are just….. an NPC ( a Non-Player-Character)
Meet “Let’s Dance my first NPC.

"Let's Dance" (her name not just an invitation)

“Let’s Dance” (her name not just an invitation)

I feel sorry for her.
She is on an endless dance-loop, an endless salsa routine at my little under- the over-pass Dance Club on my Kitely world, “The Hudson Line”   just waiting for someone  to dance with her.
She has nothing more inside and maybe it’s me, but I see her as more vapid than I could ever look. She is my clone, an NPC copied directly from me and thanks to Nara Malone’s Video and free gift at her world’s landing, I created her.
Now I am having “moral misgivings” 😉 Well, I am kind of serious here, but not totally..still there is something a bit creepy about watching yourself dancing one dance into the next and never knowing the “why ” of her/your existence. I guess the why (on my end) is she is a great Greeter etc etc. but I am wondering if that is enough for her?

So00, I am now pursuing the training of a Chatbot on Pandora’s website  at least to give her the gift of gab and maybe who knows, meet someone who likes to text a soft spoken salsa dancer and anything could happen from there:)
If you have an Opensim world and are interested in causing yourself this great “dilemma” or if you are not as prone to looking at life as melodramatically as I do, you might find the idea of NPC’s to be very interesting(albeit weird) and functional on your worlds.
Thank you Nara for making this video I will embed below and also  for offering us the free gift to make our  own, You too can be a Dr Frankenstein in only minutes…
“Its ALIVE and it looks just like Me!!” The NPC!

Here is how to get to Nara’s World (from Opensim) and find your
NPC poseball located in a gift box by the landing zone at

Keep exploring, learning, having fun. That’s what virtuality is all about!

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10 Responses to Soul – Infused and Non Soul-infused

  1. joeysl says:

    Well, I see where you’re coming from, Karima. I wish her all the luck, maybe a kind hearted AI will engage in friendship with her and from there on – who knows? 🙂


  2. That could be the solution Joey! and they could start a nice Bed ‘n Breakfast together…or something couples wind up doing with like minds:)


  3. Wow, very cool Kari!! I do believe that I will need to look into this fascinating topic. Thanks!


  4. Oh Yes Spiral! I can imagine yours giving a tour of your great Art World and gallery:) They can be scripted too, to walk, sit, do a series of things, not just one or two animations…. pretty cool stuff.


  5. Boaaaah! How cool is that? I see armies looking like me conquer the world… 🙂


  6. Hahahaha I knew you would want to do that Natskers!! 🙂


  7. daleinnis says:

    Wow, thanks for posting this, that’s amazing! I used to keep up with all these Virtual World developments, but nowadays I am so out of touch. 🙂 The scripting possibilities are mind boggling!

    I think poor Let’s Dance is to the virtual sort of as zombies are to the atomic, at least for those of us that identify strongly with our avatars like we do with our RL bodies. Seeing an AV, or a body, that has no soul, no consciousness, but still moves around and talks, is the stuff of nightmares.

    On the other hand, a friendly dancing zombie… 🙂


  8. Dale..a friendly dancing zombie..I think could strive for more..It will be my goal now to give her some meaningful roles …and…well really I agree it is all pretty mind-boggling.! Nara herself warned me I was going down an alternate rabbit hole with this subject *smiles and to not let her chat bot talk me into bed 🙂 I’m not too worried..but will be fun to let her try … I’m open 😉


  9. Shesa Quandry says:

    LOL Karima…. your first mistake was naming her ;o) Like kittens found on the street… once you give them names, there is no putting them back there. Your heart is FAR too big ;o) She is now a friend… who wants to learn… and you want to teach her. The only question is how? As Dale mentions, that’s a doctoral subject in its own right. One where… the more she learns, the smarter you become. ;o)


    • Hahah Shesa soooo True!! When you name them …they are yours!! Now I have a Dance Ball, I will highlight in my next post,that gives you an NPC dancer who is so light and graceful on his/her feet. If you don’t like who you got..send her/him back and you can get another..I promise you..I will NEVER name any of them LOL. I learned my lesson. but Let’s Dance is going to be my little project in the hopes of giving her something more in life than a corner table in my bolero bar:) Loved your comment Shesa!!


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