The Avi Choice Awards-The Arts 2015

Seems amazing that a year has gone by since I wrote this little post on last year’s Avi Choice Awards, “A Word on the Avi Choice Awards” I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful last year, and I certainly do not want to leave that impression this year either. I want to thank the people who nominated me and tell them that it does mean a lot to me to have been chosen, but I also want to add that no one would have even heard my voice, or my poetry, if it had not been in a machinima directed and edited by my film partner Natascha Randt. Nat is the reason, anyone has even heard me recently, as I have not been doing many readings, or even been very active on the spoken word stage. So many could have been on this list with me, but for just the simple reason of omission, they were not added. I will put the link below here… and if you would like to cast a vote for me, well that would be wonderful. I am just not the type of person who likes to actively campaign for herself, and I have no social media team who can start lighting up twitter, Instagram, and fb in my name. I want to thank you for all the support you have shown me on this blog, reading my posts, seeing every machinima that Randt and Hoisan has produced, and supporting us in the good times and the bad. Your vote will be like a hug for me, and no pressure if you don’t get to it either. Many times these contests don’t reflect quality as much as popularity and social adeptness. If it were about quality, I would see many other names in each category, especially in the categories of machinima production, SL Videographer, Art, and yes the Spoken Word. Here is where you go to vote for your favorites, and you need to scroll way down to find the category I am nominated for (Favorite Spoken Word / Performer / Actor Female) Thank you for considering me for this award:Vote Here for The Avi Choice Awards Your continual support of what I do and what Nat and I do together means much more than any official recognition. That’s just how it is.

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  1. I know some, eeehm many ppl who hugs you, me too 🙂


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