At The Exit


“Exit_Darkness”_by Janorien

The thirteenth hour strikes a chord
bells and gongs tears and memories..
tragedy and loss.
It comes like a traffic accident,
the loss of a loved one, a senseless premeditated crime,
no one is ever prepared for that hour to chime.

In my darkest days at the end of humanity,
I sometimes fail to lift the curtain,
to see behind those most human eyes to find the divine.
All looks like murder, decay and calamity, rotting flesh,
madness creeps in tendrils spreading out in vines.
It feels like a final sprint on the last bend,
and Monday begins where
Friday tried to end.
Time is stuck in the fast lane
speeding away with us… with all of it.

It seems so hard to touch the gift, hear the lesson calling,
embrace the trial by fire, picture it as just another baby step,
while we crawl down the road to wisdom.
Even though I don’t see it much, I have compassion.
It was squeezed out of me like paste from Time’s tube,
daily, inviting me to be a witness to so much misery,
mixed into a symphony, with laughter, humor, children’s glee and death.

Too much drama and short on selflessness,
with violence and Nature’s sweet curds all rising to the top,
the bi- product of mixing it up and shaking it roughly.
We are like a rag in a dog’s jaw at the end of time,
and it’s hard to drink this chaotic potion of confusion.

The painfully sweet, the returning loss, the cocktail of humanity,
the sweet ‘n bitter order of mayhem….
The box of chocolates, light and dark, poisoned, and nutritious;
we really are allowed to choose which ones we ingest, you know.
No one stands over us, making us eat Everything!
Some get it right today, then get it wrong tomorrow.

Hard to say which day is better for learning,
or what will be useful to take with us,
as we stand in line at the exit.

Karima Hoisan
January 10, 2015
Costa Rica



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12 Responses to At The Exit

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    I knew this was coming Karima! I am so amazed! Your words, as I have said so many times are your sword and shield. I will stand in any arena and shout out that your are one of the finest poets gracing the planet…truly… beautiful…beautiful…beautiful…


  2. Thank you Ruco…Yes I sat on it for awhile…but it moved out from under me anyway:) Thank you for getting me..Hugs you


  3. joeysl says:

    Wonderful words you found, Karima.
    I am still chewing on mine and it is good to see others feel it, too.


  4. Karima, I am so so glad that you found those words. And there is really no one like you, who found so beautiful and impressive words at this feeling of the darkest hour.
    Hugs you with tears


  5. Aww Nat, big hugs too and yes we need love and communication and comprehension, and wisdom to ride this out. It feels like the world has gone insane sometimes…then we see hope in a baby’s smile, or an act of kindness, and are remembered this too exists in all this mayhem side by side..


  6. daleinnis says:

    Thank you as always for nurturing and releasing this. I have been trying since you posted it to think of something profound to say about it, but now I am reminded that it’s not all about sounding profound, so I will just express my gratitude. Such images, such thoughts, such feeling…


  7. Thank you Dale…it means much to me that you, who have been so supportive of my poetry in the past, could enter into this rather difficult a difficult time..It is I who am grateful for your understanding and your reflection…


  8. Scottius says:

    Thanks for sharing this Karima. Don’t have any words except to say it’s wonderful and powerful.


  9. Well thank you Scottius for taking the time to read it..I think what you chose to say, are very encouraging words..


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