Life Without Rain


Irisb477 – taken on Oct. 5,  2009

Grey clouds moving forward into the clear night sky,
the shadows blowing over darkened fields of waves,
while some black birds circle the moon, the water becomes a lens
and they swim against the silvery depths before it all goes dark.

Everyone knows how the weather changes here;
in a moment when you are asleep, the sun just disappears
and everyone seems surprised, but if they could have really seen,
it would not have caught them so off -guard, that storm approaching.

Sometimes the breeze seems to get stuffed up and fail.
We lose our sense of energy, a lack of oxygen, then lightning.
All goes stagnant before a storm, like the world is waiting,
then it blows down upon us, not very unexpected, but still amazing.

Can we be mad at the weather for raining?
Can we be hurt if the sun won’t shine?
Can we expect the climate to be more humane?
Can it stay sunny forever and nurture life without rain?

Karima Hoisan
May 2,2015
Costa Rica

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12 Responses to Life Without Rain

  1. Just a thought….:)


  2. daleinnis says:

    Lovely imagery! From the fields of waves at the start to that perfect rhyming couplet at the end. No life without rain! Thank you.


  3. You’re most welcome Dale! Glad you liked it.


  4. You have created some wonderful visions in my head, as always. Thank you for sharing, Kari. 🙂


  5. Thanks Spiral for always being so supportive of my poetry:) It means a lot.


  6. Steve Rogers says:

    I like it! A poem about rain and cloud feels like home to an English person 🙂


  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    You think like a farmer ruca!!! Love it!

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  8. Karima, a masterpiece of imagery and rhyme. Beautifully written!

    Liked by 1 person

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