Karima Brings Some Poetry Home to Araxes ~ Saturday May 9th @ 12 Noon SLT


In the days when I was the Poet Laureate of Al Raqis….such memories!

I would love to invite my readers to join me in Araxes (formerly Al Raqis) this Saturday, May 9th at 12 noon slt. I will be giving a small reading of about 30 minutes (more or less) to those who might enjoy listening to a poetic performance. The theme is “Reflections of Home,” and  just returning to this world, that was my home for more than two years, puts me in theme.
As always I will be doing a whiplash eclectic mix of poems, to carefully chosen music and imagery behind. I include below the official idea and invitation for this Art event, of which my reading is but a small part:


Legate Calina Tereshchenko is pleased to announce the second annual Art Show. The theme as suggested by His Grace, Margrave Princely Count Sardar Kumar Sri Rai Sahib Khanzadeh – Reflections on Home.

So many of those who call Araxes home are from other worlds. For this show, please submit pieces that are representative of your home world or culture of origin.

May 4-17
Displays are located in the Imperial Square near Water’s End and the Central Plaza :
Imperial Square
Central Plaza

Former Al Raqis Poet Laureate, Karima Hoisan, will give a reading on Saturday May 9, 12pm SLT in the Arena.
Here is your tame Sandworm to take you to the entrance for my reading:
Arena on Mount Jofar
I hope to see you all there!
P.S  Sci-fi theme is always fun and the clothes are amazing, but not mandatory for this event:)

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