Karima Gets Tiny For A Great Big Event: Art Walk 2015 on Raglan Shire!


Ta Da! I love being a Tiny…especially for such a great event:
The amazing Art Walk on Raglan Shire
I want to invite all my readers, friends, and passerbys to come to my reading, Saturday, May 16th at 12noon slt. I have been working hard to prepare something very special for all my tiny friends and biggie friends too.
There is so much to see there, on various sims, full of Art, Sculptures, Dancing, Waffles (of course) and Fun activities.
Just to show you what you would miss, if you decided to come as a biggie:
The Hedgiepillar Tour at the main entrance!


Reaches over and pinches Kage and giggles..

Main Entrance and Hedgiepillar Tour
As the notecard says:”We also have a Hedgiepillar ride for you to ride around all the beautiful 2D art in the Raglan Shire sim. *They are great to ride with friends 🙂 Just click on the stand and one will rez or jump on one for a ride.
This is reason enough to brush off your tiny avatar in the bottom of your inventory, or rush out and get a new adorable one before Saturday! (PS if you just can’t.. Biggies are welcome too)
Here is where you go to see my poetry performance: Art Walk Stage
Here you can find a whole calendar of all the events : Calendar of Events
Waves and giggles..Hope to see you all there this Saturday! Lots of Fun!

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2 Responses to Karima Gets Tiny For A Great Big Event: Art Walk 2015 on Raglan Shire!

  1. joeysl says:

    Oh, I will be tinyyyy!


  2. YAY!! Joey!! You made the best decision:):)


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