In My Defense


“Really, I am not a david…” (“Calling The Giants” by Lizzy-John Deviant Art)

In My Defense

Let me go!…for awhile.
I always thought infinity belonged to us, ‘the tragic homo sapiens”;
it was our reward for knowing more than was good for us.
So, I did learn to dance, which I think was needed,
and honed my sense of humor instead of crying
and learned to laugh and cry at the same time, while paying attention,
finding pleasure in the dichotomy.
Laughing until tears filled my sight… crying for the beauty of it all.
Ohh, the intensity was more than anyone ever let on-
and no one told me, the longer we ride, the faster away everything behind us disappears.
I probably should have guessed,
still I was surprised, when I could not remember anyone’s names.

Really, I am not a david and all that seems to come
now is, one Goliath after another…
an assembly line of things I stamp “Too- much -for -me”
Giants have entered the work place, and all I can
think of is to run away…run run run,
falling down chutes in tunnels
buried from sight, from anyone’s good intentions or advice.
Just let me surrender; there is such power in giving up.
In stealth mode, no one even notices, and as I said,
I have learned to laugh and pay attention,  which might be
the last of my defenses to go.

Karima Hoisan
August 10th 2015
Pérez Zeledón, CR

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12 Responses to In My Defense

  1. daleinnis says:

    Ouch, so very true, and so clearly expressed. All those Goliaths all over the place! (And a great image choice for the words.) Here’s hoping surrendering is (once again) the way to victory…


  2. Steve Rogers says:

    You should definitely hide! I know a few places…


  3. Faery Raine says:

    Hi Karima
    Haven’t heard from you in a while.
    Hope you’re ok!
    Faery Raine


  4. As always, wonderful images and powerful poetry!


  5. ragmedia says:

    We are the slayer and the slayed. The jumping back and forth (at the same time!) is the (he)art of the matter. I hope you come out a stronger slayer/slayeder. I know you will.



  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    I have read this over and over. I have copied it down in long hand. I have wrangled with this subject very much of late. I even wrote something of the matter on my own, but of course am out of my league next to the likes of you. As always you have hit the target Miss Karima. I am in awe.


    • Thank you Hoyt for your beautiful comment. It is such an honor for me to know you copied it down in longhand in your little book of favorite poems to relax with:) Your avid support for me is very appreciated at this time. Hugs Ruco!


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