A Blink & A Nod


…but you sang harmony with me…

A Blink & A Nod

for Kravs

I knew I still knew you..
30 40 50 years…
would be just a blink and a nod.
I might have forgotten so much else,
but you sang harmony with me
and we who vibrate to the cello of life
a duet like ours, against the tile walls,
could never be forgotten.

You know when you think you know
and then everything turns against you
and you find you might have been wrong?
For a terrible day or two,
I thought you were so much more for me
than I ever could be for you…
but then your words found me.
I embraced humanity from Adam to Omega
with a smile on all day that hurt my face
because, it was true…
I knew I still knew you.

Who cares if dust swept away
what once we could see.
This heart, even more than resilient,
is an elephant that never forgets.
It can tromp and stomp,
and when it cracks, it mends.
It always had a special room,
waiting for you to grab the key.
And there I was on the other side,
knowing that you would find me.

Karima Hoisan
July 26th 2015
Costa Rica

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12 Responses to A Blink & A Nod

  1. Odracir Wrigglesworth says:

    Such a wonderful gift. To rediscover an old friend, reminisce about the good times, sing the old songs. Thank you for such a touching image, expressed in the way only you can.


    • Truly! It even broke through my little writer’s block, I was noticing growing higher over the months. Thank you for your beautiful comment and your support, Odracir! I am going to quote Kravs here: ” No we don’t forget. There’s a plasticity in time that one can only experience with friends because we do hold spaces for them when time folds and they’re back.”


  2. daleinnis says:

    Lovely images invoking a lovely feeling… Adding my thanks to Odracir’s. 🙂


  3. Oh my, Karima, this is awesome and wonderful at the same time!
    When I read it the first time, I was speechless.
    Indeed it is what Odracir and Dale wrote: Images. Your words leave a thousand zillions images circling in my mind like a cyclone.
    Karima, you are a painter with words!



    • Awww Nat, thank you so much for this comment. I have been feeling a little uninspired as you know, so your words make me feel maybe it’s time to start to dream (and word paint) again. Always fun to do that with you in one of our famous brainstorming sessions! Hugss


  4. Linda says:

    Adam to Omega….. brilliant.


  5. lunabranwen3 says:

    How lovely, Karima—first of all to see how aptly you captured that sense of friendship that holds true over time, and secondly, to see your inspired words coloring the page! Love this passage: “we who vibrate to the cello of life know…a duet like ours, against the tile walls, could never be forgotten.” Was delightful to spend time with you at your Eid celebration, Kari, along with Dale and Amira. Missed you, Ms. Natasha.
    Fondly, with hugs and blessings,


    • Luna…linda..thank you for your generous and beautiful comment. Yes, friendship, real friendship, can be apart for decades and then poof, reunited it never misses a beat. So amazing and I consider myself so lucky to reunite with a very special friend, a kindred spirit of those times. Oh I loved your visit to my Eid table too..I hope to see you next year there and the next inshallah… dear poet and friend.


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Such a great poem about friendship. All your works should be in a book, There is not one piece of work that you have done that is nothing short of excellent. You say that you are not sure where they come from, but you continue to produce.


    • Oh Hoyt, thanks so much for your words..I am glad after all these years, you still feel this way:) You have been, and I think may still be, my biggest unconditional fan. Thank you for that.. and for everything!


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