The UWA Awards Sunday-6amslt-Join Us!

Shirt picture

We’re smiling because no matter what happens tomorrow … We Are The Team!

Dressed in Menubar Memorial’s great poster turned t-shirt, (via the Gimp expertise of Nat), we are here to invite you to join us tomorrow at the
The UWA 3D Art and Machinima Challenge Grand Finale at 6amslt! I know that’s a bit early, but after all, the Red Carpet is being rolled out in Australia!
As most of you know, Nat and I have an entry in the competition, “Chasing a Butterfly”
So…. we will be there, and would love if you could join us!
Here’s one of the 3 entrances that will take you there: Entrance1
If you can’t get up that early,stay tuned here to see how we did, but as the caption says, we are already winners because we had the great pleasure of creating one more from
“The Team” to entertain our friends and readers.
Wish us luck!!

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4 Responses to The UWA Awards Sunday-6amslt-Join Us!

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    Crossed fingers! but whether you win or not, it’s a profound poem and an excellent movie 🙂


  2. Ohh, thank you Steve…lovely words and wishes:)


  3. Thanks Faery! : )Will let you know how it goes!!


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