Sometimes When You Lose, You Win!

The UWA award ceremony has ended, and this year the judges did not see fit to award us a place in the Top 10. Ironically, I was awarded 1st prize for audience participation (trying to second-guess what the judge’s Top 10 would be) and I did include our film, but I was wrong. Nonetheless, Jay Jay personally saw fit to award Nat and I a Special Achievement Award, something outside of the official judging, but for Nat and I personally even more meaningful. We discussed this right after the ceremony, so I can speak for her too, when I say, that Jay Jay’s words mean so much more than a place on the judge’s list. I will quote his words about it from the local chat (It was also in voice)

” Jayjay Zifanwe shouts: Before we move to the top 5, just like the 3D art, I would like to give a special award of L$7,500 to 2 machinima makers, whose styles are very very different, just like the 3D Art where 2 artists were awarded, which was completely my choice. This is something of achievement award of brilliance over many years, and goes to:

Jayjay Zifanwe: NATASCHA RANDT and KARIMA HOISAN of Gelsenkirchen, Germany and San Isidro del General, Costa Rica


Thank you Natascha and Karima, for bringing us this amazing collaboration across the miles and across the years and showing everyone how two wonderful minds coming together through second life across the miles can create something greater than the sum of its parts!”

I sent Jay Jay my reply that will be posted on the official UWA blog about the event and the winners. I said:

“Thank you Jay Jay for the special achievement award, this personal award that you chose to give us for our entry this year, “Chasing a Butterfly” This to us means even more than the tallying of judge’s numbers. It means we were able to entertain and inspire you personally, and to move you to recognise us as a creative team, that only Second Life and also the UWA challenges could have brought together. I am truly sorry this will be the last year, as the UWA and especially you, Jay Jay, have been such a catalyst for us to combine our talents and make our films year after year. Thank you so much for this honor.”

Thanks to all who got up so early to be with us, and when the pictures come in, I will post them later here below.
My SL sister Maria Vought took some great ones I will share. Thanks so much sis for these shots and for being there Hugs!

I want to thank Dale Innis for these next photos below. I can actually see Maria in one. I will name everyone in the shots a bit later but much thanks for sending me these.
The TEAM 1 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 2 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 4 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 5 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 6 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 7 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 8 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA
The TEAM 9 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA.png
The TEAM 10 _ University of Western Australia (UWA), UWA

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26 Responses to Sometimes When You Lose, You Win!

  1. daleinnis says:

    Such a lovely and modest statement! *I* think the judges are crazy, myself 🙂 and you and Nat should have been in the top ten (three, one) also. But congratulations on the two awards that were sensible enough to go to you; yay for The Team!

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  2. Henri Godenot says:

    Congratulations on the Special Achievement award!


  3. Scottius says:

    Wow! Congratulations to both you and Nat, and a big hurray to JayJay for recognizing your unique and talented collaborations!


  4. Shesa says:

    They don’t know you. They see your entry once a year, amidst many others. They don’t know the joy you both give to all of us who admire you. They don’t see the creativity… they don’t see the synchronicity. They don’t see the fun and laughter you generate in everyone you involve in your art. They don’t even see the limits of their own judging criteria! Something both of you… are so very far beyond.

    WE DO! Those of us who know you… who love you. I, personally, am completely addicted to the wonders you both bring to my eyes and ears. I can’t begin to imagine not having them to look forward to. PLEASE don’t let them dampen your spirit. They aren’t fit to judge the shoes you wear… much less the art you create. Leave that to the real experts (us) ;o). I hope and pray that it is us, and yourselves, that matter most.

    Submit your work to them. I encourage you to! What they do is encourage the art form that is machinima. Something you both love. They shine a light on it. They bring it together in one place for those, who would not otherwise notice, to see. Attend the ceremony. We’ll be there with you… because we love it too. If they happen to enjoy what you’ve done… good for them! But always remember that it isn’t what they think that matters at all. The joy your accomplishments bring… is within you… and within those of us who love you.


    • Ohh Shesa…your words are the prize! Give me a few minutes to stop crying and I will reply to this most beautiful comment….


      • Ok, I had to take a nap:) Too much excitement and a whiplash roller-coaster of emotions too, so early in the morning. I love to kid Nat about how blunt she is sometimes.. and she told me that the German language is “Very good for undiplomatic responses” I have been giving her kudos when she is a little more diplomatic (in English!) but I loved her comment here below..and I think I will too be a little less diplomatic and a little more honest..inspired by both Shesa and Nat’s comments. I was going to respond to Shesa first, but I think I will reply to both Nat and Shesa because we are all tied into this together:) This all takes me back to 2012, the UWA Seek Wisdom Challenge, where Nat and I, total newbies to this competition, somehow got 2nd place when we thought we had bombed-out (my words at the time) and would get nothing. Now in 2015,we really believed we would get something, and in this last of UWA events forever, we really did “bomb out” and were not even in the Top 10..not anywhere to be found. As was Nat, I was shocked, and I asked myself, “Wow, how can a person who can win an Audience Participation about judging,be so wrong about her own movie (our movie)?”
        It was never about the place in the end, but the place was always an extra feather, and well who doesn’t love feathers?? It’s like waking up one day, and you think you look pretty good, your mirror tells you you look pretty good, and four people at work tell you that too, but you pass by a group of strangers in the street, and they start saying how bad you look! Well that shakes your sense of reality a bit..:) if you get my point.
        Jay Jay’s achievement award was so much more than a prize. It was a validation when we were both feeling a bit shaky about our reality as machinima-makers. It helped us both to pull it all into perspective and most importantly not lose faith…then Shesa sent me this “draft” of a comment she was working on, and i burst into tears, because yes…this was really what it was all about. Maybe Nat and I in our own way wobbled a bit in our confidence, when we heard the judge’s list and we were not on it, but Shesa’s words brought it all back into focus. Our type of machinima well…it’s ours. We have a style. We “do that thing we do” as Friday Siamendes said in a comment, and as Nat mentioned in her comment about a note-card I sent her, we also know “no one will get it” That is not really true, and as Nat says, we have this great fiercely loyal and supportive, fiercely loving and inspiring group of people who have been with us since we started back in 2012 and Shesa was the voice of that whole group when she wrote what she wrote. Thank you for bringing us that message Shesa!!
        Of course we will keep making movies together…It is something we love to do, and knowing that there are so many out there, who love to see oh my what a perfect match!
        So to sum it up, Judging wise, we began our UWA career on a high note, we ended it on a low note but… well we are not ending:) May we have the time, and brilliance, health and longevity to go on and on. Working like Nat and I do, starting with a little idea, and talking it into reality, into a finished movie, is as close as anyone can come in this life (I believe) to experiencing magic and shared magic at that, It’s our “practical magic” to make movies together…It’s a gift given and how can we refuse it?
        I too am so proud of our film this year, but even prouder of all the outpourings of support from our friends…so much love, so much encouragement.. How could we ever stop? Thank you Nat,..Thank you Jay Jay thank you Shesa..Thank you all!! May the magic keep on working and surprise us all in 2016…and beyond!


    • Oh my Shesa, awesome words that give me goose bumps.

      I am thinking about what can I say, what isnt said?

      One day, long ago, before Karima and I begin making movies together,
      I got an inquiry for an interview.
      One of the questions, I think the last one, was something like
      “do you have a message, or does your work have a message”
      something like that.
      Dissapointing, dissapointing, I don’t have had one. Oops!
      Because I never see me as an Artist, or feel like an Artist.
      Happily I know some Artists:)

      And every video I made..I made and make it first for me.
      In that way that first I must be happy with- and a bit proud of it.
      I mean ok, when I make a helo video, the message is “look how cool that helo is and what a fun to fly with it”, lol.

      That changed when Karima and I began making movies together.
      Every line Karima wrote and write has a message, on many levels (that is one reason I adore her) and we work together to visualize those messages.
      But we both are Storytellers:)
      Every movie we made together has its own story and every story has its own style.
      For Chasing A Butterfly we created that rotoscope alike effect. And it fits:)
      And every single movie goes online when we both say: YES!

      And then we are so curious about the reactions and what should I say? WOW!
      So many views and likes and comments, in one word “Audience proved”
      That is what says: The Team done it right.
      A gift, maybe the greatest of all, because we didnt go wrong.

      And so the circle closes: Shesa, you and all the audience are the real judges and have all the rights to say: YES, because of…or even NO, because of…

      BIG Hugs


  5. MachinimUWA is history now and I see it with mixed feelings, or as we say in German ” Einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge”.
    Sure, we are not in the top ten and being honest that was shocking for me…but just for a moment (being more honest a loooooong moment:))
    But I remember when Karima and I talked about if we should or should not produce an entry for the MachinimUWA:
    And thats “How Movies Are Made” (A NC about the beginning of “Chasing A Butterfly” that Karima sent to me )
    “Natascha Randt: darn carrots, lol
    Karima Hoisan: I know…I hated myself for thinking this
    Karima Hoisan: sure you know why? cuz we can do it
    Karima Hoisan: somethiung unique
    Karima Hoisan: no one will understand again
    Karima Hoisan: but who cares?
    Natascha Randt: ok then:)”
    There was much more, you can imagine. But after all work was done and we let loose our Baby. WOW! Many many people not only understand, they love it.
    And thats PRICELESS! Really!
    So we got two First Prizes. One from you all, our so so supportive friends and all the people who love and like what we do. I love you all!
    The second First Prize is:
    “…to 2 machinima makers, whose styles are very very different, just like the 3D Art where 2 artists were awarded, which was completely my choice. This is something of achievement award of brilliance over many years, and goes to:

    And thats PRICELESS TOO!
    That means so much to me, you cant imagine!
    Oh and before I forget, theres a third one. Yes! A third First Prize!
    Our movie itself.
    I think Karima will agree, that we learned so much about what we do and why we are doing it, while making “Chasing A Butterfly” and the most important:

    Nothing can break The Team apart!

    Congratulations Karima, for winning the 1st prize for audience participating, again. YAY!
    Many thanks Maria for the great pictures.

    Normally now comes the part I will bore you with some more details of techniques we used and so on, but I am sorry at the moment I am not able to write about:)
    But what I know and knowing it you dont have to be a fortune teller, is, that Karima and I will do more movies in our style and raise bar:)

    Big Hugss to all of you!


  6. Amira says:

    Oh gosh… “Chasing A Butterfly” is sooo good! I agree with Dale… so crazy… I’m still in shock.

    Shesa said it best. The joy that your work brings to everyone who can truly see the beauty and creative genius is the only true measure of success. I can’t wait for the next lucid dream to pop out from the minds of this fabulously creative duo. Go team! I love you!!!


    • Thank you Amira, for your words and your presence with us today. You looked stunning by the way:) Hope to have a real special “dream” for you very soon. The brainstorming has already begun:)


  7. joeysl says:

    Dear Karima, dear Nat,

    thank you for the words you have given back to me. I was speechless, yesterday. Which is something frightening to me as you might imagine 🙂 Even today I can hardly wrap my head around what had really happened there. But you are right, Shesa, Karima, Nat – it has to do with perspective. The fact, that your first machinima, which was done in more of a naive state of artistical developement, won second place, and that now, that you are starting to grasp the depth of ideas, the possibilities of your artistical craft, maybe even the need to express visions that are too ethereal to be banned on any media, you ‘lost out’ really shows one thing: such a contest is not the place for art.

    Too many great artists did never in their life time receive the praise their works garnered after their deaths. Think of Van Gogh who sold ONE painting in all his life. I think about that sometimes and it makes me so terribly sad for this man who must have been devastated thinking he was a failure. He wasn’t. It was the spectators who could not see what we see now.

    I love your work, not just this one piece, Chasing A Butterfly, but especially this. It is poetry, romance, suspense and even Sci Fi 🙂 On the surface it is what you might call popcorn theatre. But in depth it is so much more, once you start reading between the lines. What is it that seperates the waking world from our dreams? If dreams visualize our inner needs why would two people longing for each other desperately not be able to share this vision? And dreams are more than that. They filter out the essence of what really counts for us at the end of the day. So why would two creative minds not be able to overcome day to day obstacles so they can bring into existance the kind of art that really moves their world?

    Art is like that butterfly. You try to grasp it, you try too hard to MAKE it, and it will elude you. But if you just do what you love and feel with all your heart, it will come and sit on your shoulder.

    I am glad to see you are not letting yourselves be shooed away from the butterflies. They are your friends 🙂

    Hugs, Sabine


    • Oh Sabine (Joey),
      thank you for beautiful comment..You did find the words! Thank you for once again reminding us that contests don’t define what is good or what entertains. Jay Jay did mention something like “Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder” and this is so true; taste can be such a relevant sense, what one person gobbles up as delicious, another will push his plate aside, untouched. Your words, Shesa’s, Amiras, Dale’s, Scottius’s and everyone who has commented to me personally, have made me feel even more decided, and fortified, that even though the “judges don’t get us” there are so many who do, and delight in each new “baby” we bring into the world. Nat and I have 17 of these children now:) and we both, on our own, revisited them all a while back, and smiled at each..each so different, each unique in its own right, even having these same parents.. but no two were even close to the same. As you say about Van Gogh, such a tragedy that this man never knew how people would feel about his art, years later. We are much luckier than Van Gogh; we have such a great group of people, friends and fans, who let us know that yes, they like what we bring to the viewing table. Thank you Joey for your very inspiring comment. Thank you for dining with us at our one big table and loving the food we serve!

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    • Thankies Sabine for your words.
      But we are not alone, many good movies missed out. Mostly my favs, lol. On the other hand some good ones in the top ten.
      Popcorn theater, yes maybe 🙂 Reminds me that Window On A Train was not popcornish enough. Too much symbols mated with the best train shots you ever saw in SL:)
      Good thing is, we never think of categories like that. We just do it. We bring our visions to life, with the limits of SL.
      Considering the conditions, you are right, a contest is not a place for art. On the other hand is a contest the big thing, where filmmakers come together and you can see how other ppl work or think or their point of view of a given theme. Two sides of the coin:)

      I think another butterfly sits on our shoulder, no Iam sure there is one:)



  8. Yesikita Coppola says:

    Girls, girls, girls!… Oh, Boy :S
    Great photos! I couldn’t attend the ceremony yesterday, but I had You – Kari and Nat – in my thoughts. Congratulations on the Special Achievement award!!! My machinima “Infinite” didn’t win any awards.
    I have always thought that a very long list of members in the jury could be not too much practical… Too much different appreciations make probably the final vote something more diversified. And this without forgetting that the best judgment could be the art of being objective within a subjective reality.
    I feel me in any case a little bit sad, we always try to do our best to create something good. At the same time, what I told you on my comment on Youtube… It was more a personal satisfaction and victory when I could finish my machinima at time for the contest. I love my “Infinite” and I will always love it till the end of my days and much more. I’m very thankful with you and Nat for your lovely support with my work. Thank you very much for your great energy all this time.

    “Chasing a Butterfly” is really beautiful and it was one of my favourites.
    I understand the sad feelings around the final results, but I’m also very happy to know you got that special mention honor prize, I think you are making a very special and tremendous team work together (woow… 17 films), and Jay is totally right on the description about your team work, because it’s always exceptional!

    Hugs my Dear Kari and Nat,
    Keep up the amazing and poetic machinima work! ♥


    • Dear Yesi,
      I am so happy you brought your comment to my blog. I think we have seen many wonderful comments about this topic (almost like a forum) but I wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about a film that is not ours….but yours! The first time i saw “Infinte” I was speechless. I was so moved by it, the timing, the slow slow camming, the avatars themselves, the story, the feathers, the impossible, the man bound to a wheelchair (or was he really?) It was one of the few films from this challenge, that I immediately invited everyone to see with me, and I watched it again and again. I know Nat will say something here too, but I want to tell you to please “not feel a little sad” that your film did not make the top 10. In my list it was very much in the first positions, and if the movies were really judged on content, and skill, and message, beauty, and passion, there is no way Infinite would not take top honors. I want to invite my readers who have not yet had the pleasure of viewing it to go to either Vimeo: or to YouTube: and allow yourself to fall into this movie yourself. The quote by Oscar Wilde at the end, gave me shivers…How easy it is to give up, because we think something is impossible. What Shesa reminded us here about our own work, I want to remind you too Yeikita! You are an artist, one of the machinima makers who always delights me, who never thinks inside the box, and who has that special sense of beauty, and sensitivity to bring deep emotion and feeling to the audience. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Take the time to make your Art, and know, that those who do know about this special genre, machinima, appreciate and delight in what you share with us. Big hugs Yeski, you are both a great encourager to those of us who create, and you inspire us always with your creations! Never stop doing what you know how to do so well..


      • Yesikita Coppola says:

        My Kari, I don’t have words to thank you!… Your support, sensitivity, perception and encouragement is extremely invaluable. I really appreciate it… Your energy is amazing. Muchísimas gracias mi querida Kari. Un fuerte abrazo, hoy y siempre! :))


    • daleinnis says:

      I want to add to, or second, what Karima says there, Yesikita! “Infinite” is a wonderful film, and it baffles me that the judges passed it over (I will be impolite and say that some of the things that did make the Top Ten are just nowhere near it in terms of impact and depth).

      We have to remember, as others have said, that the judging and ranking and Top Ten aren’t the important things: the important thing is that wonderful work like yours, and Nat’s and Karima’s, gets out to the audience that can appreciate it, and loves it.

      Keep it up, all of you! 🙂


  9. Yesikita Coppola says:

    Thank you very much Dale for your beautiful comment. All these experiences are finally always very positive. We are experimenting with a new art form in machinima, and it’s always interesting to see how can we touch people and express feelings… And indeed, there is no better satisfaction to see the appreciation of the normal audience. It’s the most extraordinary gift we can have :))


  10. Hoyt Heron says:

    Shesa put it best. Those of us who know you and love you!


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