Exist to Exist


Ball’s Pyramid

Some things are what they are
and nothing more.
They exist to exist
even if we don’t

they jut out and rise up and stay
when all else has sluffed away.

Even if we don’t think or dream
about these things;
on Mars,
right now,
the wind is blowing
and pebbles fall
and rearrange the landscape.

Some people are what they are
and nothing more.
We learn to love them without,
or speaking
to them.

We might live with them,
but they remain mysteries.
Stoic remnants of what they
used to be…
We sail around them like little boats,
looking for a safe place to land,
to show them that we’re here,
we see
we love them.

Karima Hoisan
December 20, 2015
Costa Rica

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8 Responses to Exist to Exist

  1. daleinnis says:

    Ohh, that is amazing. I know exactly what you mean, but I had never connected then before. It’s reassuring somehow that there is all this universe out there just existing for itself. But learning to accept that people are just what they are, and that is what we are here to love… That can be hard, and you’ve expressed it so beautifully! Thank you…


    • Thanks Dale,
      Menubar talked about this place last night, and as soon as I saw pictures of it, it made me think of “something” that I could not put into words….until this morning:) I’m glad you found it relatable and enjoyable too. Pretty amazing place all on its own out there in the Pacific Ocean….


  2. ronald174 says:

    This is an absolutely amazing work of art. I connected immediately to her words and meaning! She perfectly describes the reality of “buzzing” around something and being attracted to it without knowing why or how. But the connection feels overwhelming like an altered state of some sort. Maybe we will learn why-maybe not. She states that all that matters is that we understand it’s there without knowing exactly what “it” is. Describes so much of the Universe here. It is simply “there”. As sentinent beings we can, if we choose, give that some sort of meaning. But that is neither demanded or expected. Life here is simply a personal experience. We will make of it what we will. That is the point. There is very little of our experience here on Earth we may understand. But understanding was never the goal. As Karima said….it just is. Nice. Very, very fine understandings here. Your insight reflects the brilliance of the Maker. Thanks!


    • Hello Ronald,
      so nice to see your generous comment on my blog! I really enjoyed your feedback on my poem, and also how it made you feel. Yes, that “simply is there”makes up most of what surrounds us, and it is a fortunate encounter when we can actually go deeper, know more…make connection as it were. I liked this statement and I quote you, “Life here is simply a personal experience.” So true, and even if were were conjoined twins, it still would be. You have such an off -the -planet view.. a larger area and from greater height than most. I hope you will continue to check in to my blog, and I hope I will write future poems that inspire you to such interesting comments as this one. Thank you again!


  3. I agree, it is amazing and in more than one way. Oh my, Karima you always find words to describe the indescribable.
    And I fear, with our small minds we will never fathom those beings that are what they are and will be, long time after we fade away. But but noticing those beings and their being, there is always something that crawls slowly into my mind whispering why? It is not easy, for me, not to ask why and accept that some beings are just what they are.
    Even if it is a useless endeavour, I think that is part of what pushes us forward, try to understand.
    Maybe I go totally wrong Karima, but that was what comes into my mind, reading your wonderful Exist to Exist:)



    • Wow thanks Nat! I don’t think I have 100% success at describing the indescribable as you said, but sometimes an image or music, will make me try:) You did not go “totally wrong” at all..I loved your thinking on this, and for me, comments like yours or Ronald’s or Dale’s, are like gifts given back to the poet for at least attempting to find the right words. I could contemplate that image for hours..Imagine how impressive it would be to be drifting offshore craning your neck, trying to see up to the top peak:) I think we can never go wrong,asking ‘why?’ I am pretty sure that question is hardwired into us even before we begin:) Your comment gave me lots to think about too:)


  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    So well put Miss Karima! I have always thought this about the desert or the vast ocean. I don’t need to see it or be in it. I find comfort in knowing that it is there! As always…you put it more eloquently!


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