Thoughts on the New Year

 Rick Guidice / NASA Ames Research Center

Rick Guidice / NASA Ames Research Center

When the past comes around, right at the end,
and dances us in a waltz or a complicated slow dance,
should we resist, because soon, it will be a new year?

Does the year not move along the rim of a circle
where the days and nights flip and take turns
over and over in an unending loop?

When we say “Happy New Year” we are just
pausing to look over what we have lived,
who we have loved, what we have learned.

Every minute is a new minute, every year a new year
but always moving forward, around the circular path.
Life and death, new birth, new wonder, treading on the past.

I choose the dance of thanks and light and humble steps.
Grateful for it all, I remember being this way before.

Karima Hoisan
Dec. 29. 2015
Costa Rica

Happy New Year!


New Beginnings by Sugar Mints (Deviant Art)

 *Thank you Lily for letting me use this image. For more beautiful images check out sugarmints at

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6 Responses to Thoughts on the New Year

  1. daleinnis says:

    Always moving forward… but in a circle. Lovely and true!


  2. tones says:

    on the never ending and infinite conveyor belt of life in the universe, we are but a speck to be melded into all other specks to form the constant changes of sameness. may the circle be unbroken…..with annual checks 🙂


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    As always, your words are magic to me. I’ve never heard the passing of the year described this way. “Time moving on the rim of a circle.” Only one could come up with a phrase like that. Thank you Miss Karima for your words and images. They are never not embraced and appreciated.


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