All My Boats-The World & My 5Th Rez Day

How can a poem become a world? Well, only if you are a resident of a virtual world grid, like my beloved Kitely-Virtual Worlds on Demand… otherwise it is not that easy:)
I am turning 5 years old on Kitely today. Today is my 5th rez day as we say, and five years ago today, I came to Kitely in the footsteps of my creative mentor, DB Bailey, and when he told me I should get my own world, I said, “Why? All I could make would be mud-pies here.”(not being a builder) and he said, “Good, then make a whole world of them!” That was 5 years ago and now I am 12 worlds later. I have many people to thank for growing as a virtual creator of spaces (I still, and will never, consider myself a builder 😉 Ilan Tochner is the first who comes to mind, for having the vision to create the Kitely grid, and I am grateful to him for welcoming me into Kitely, when it was only in beta testing.  I thank everyone who has given me support and encouragement too; you know who you are!
In these 5 years, I have stumbled on some innovations (media texturing, NPC’s as flexi ropes and other experiments, some more successful than others 😉 Each world has given me immense pleasure and joy when I was creating it, and a mixed feeling of sadness and accomplishment when that process was finished. I think it could be in the category of “light addictions” but I would call it, a creative passion and feel very lucky that I was introduced to the wonders of creating anything you can dream.

I watched an inspiring TED Talk by DB ( I will share it below) about creating in Virtual worlds. Someone had asked him, what was his key to having a contented life, and he said, “Make something. I think people are at their best when they are making things, not just consuming things, but making things.” After hearing his words, I went out the next day, and wrote my Boat poem…and now less than a month later, it is a newly born world!

Soo, here is my newest and I invite all my intrepid hypergrid travelers to come visit soon. I will be on tonight from 5PST to 12PST to attend in person, anyone who wants to see this latest world. Once again (and this is my 4th collaboration with him) Dale Innis has made it possible for my poem to virtually come to life before your eyes. He has scripted this ballet  of words, and changed them into moving pieces, that fit with the poem I recite to the music of Leonard Cohen’s instrumental piece: Tacoma Trailer.
Here are some pictures and also the Door to get in:
I would love to share this 5th rez day with you on All My Boats: The Door to Enter


The harbor ..turn on your sounds


Explore the lighthouse and its amazing views and sounds


A peaceful harbor pond with frog sprinkler



Then Nat sent me this little surprise: I think it’s best to share it here with the original post. Nat’s comments are  always very moving and with shadows:):) I just love it! Thank you Natskers  for filming my Boats.Hugs!

I also want to include two more mentions about All My Boats on two different blogs:
Selby Evans’ blog post has some beautiful pictures and includes a definition of installation Art and my poem too. Thank you so much Selby for your focus on my world.

Thank you Dale Innis, scripter extraordinaire, for your blog post too:

Here is another surprise: A sweet video by Joey ( taken on All My Boats. Thank you so much Joey!! Big Hugs and appreciation:)


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19 Responses to All My Boats-The World & My 5Th Rez Day

  1. Ilan Tochner says:

    Karima, it’s an honor for us to have played a part in inspiring you to create the beautiful worlds you’ve built in Kitely. You’ve manifested your poetry into delightful virtual environments that have brought joy to their many visitors.

    I look forward to seeing what you’ll build by your tenth rez day in Kitely 🙂


    • Thank you so much Ilan,
      for leaving me this comment, and it is I who feel honored to be part of your amazing virtual grid. It seems to me, that virtual worlds in general, are a way to step into the subconscious of others and live, see, hear and feel, what they are dreaming. Your platform, your vision, has allowed anyone who can dream, to share it with others..truly innovative and I wish you the greatest success always!


  2. daleinnis says:

    Yay, Happy Rezday and happy new world! 🙂 It was amazing fun working on this sim with you, and I’m amazed at both how quickly it went from a poem forming in your mind, to this beautiful poetic piece of (what?) virtual art.

    And I just have to mention the outside-the-box thinking, when we’d been thinking for days about how to get ropes to dance, saying “well, we could try to find a set of sculpts, or find someone to make meshes and switch rapidly between them, or maybe a flexi could be made to…”, without anything really promising come up, and then you said “Oh, I had this idea, could we…”. And of course we could, and there the ropes are all dancing sinuously to the music and the poem…

    I would never have thought of that! 🙂


    • Big smiles..I might not have either Dale, if it weren’t for brainstorming with you every other possibility first:) Thank you once again.for being the other half of yet another creation. It’s so different from our others (Vector’s Vortex,The Hudson Line and In Your Head) but just like all of them, would never have been born if you would have not set all the pieces into action. Vivan Los Scripters! Vivan!


  3. joeysl says:

    Happy Rezday, Karima … Those are virtual worlds, so I’ll just turn back the clock’s hands a bit and make it so … I read your post yesterday and before I even got to the end of it, logged into Kitely. In fact, I had to read the rest of the post inworld :)) So beautiful! By chance I ran into Nat who was already there, and so we took a boat and sailed out to sea. The bell chimes! I meant to comment on your poem the other day, too, it’s just that difficult to keep ones head above the water sometimes. So I am struggling a bit, to accomplish all the things and be the good friend I want to be. Once again, your poem touches a sore spot there and soothes it with kindness. Thank you!


    • Thank you so much for your comment Joey and also your rez day wishes:) You Are a very good friend…I am glad my poem although nostalgic was able to soothe too. It does have a bitter sweet ending…like endings can be sometimes:)
      Hugs and much appreciation for your friendship Joey..

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  4. I am late and I know it:) Happy Rezzday Karima! You and Dale built a wonderful world. I really love it and so I spend some time there and did what I always do:)
    I hope you like it a bit:)


    • Yes, I know you well Natskers..and I thank you for your labor of love with this little moving souvenir you brought back from your journey to my harbor:) I know 20 people could come and say to her, “Hey Nat, will you film my sim?” and if she is not inspired, intrigued and very entertained, she wouldn’t..not for any price.. This is why this film, like Vector and like Float, is Nat’s special seal of approval on what I have just completed..and I cherish this gesture of hers, as the generous gift it truly is. HUGS! and Big Thank Yous!


      • Aww Karima you really know me well:) Thanks a lot!
        It is always a pleasure to film things, that came from the heart and soul of an Artist. Some people say that I have an eye for cam angles and so on and maybe thats true, but artists like you are the ones who open our eyes.
        You paint with words and now we can experience your words on worlds like “Boats”. We can go, swim or fly through your words. Or what the one, sorry forgot her name, said yesterday: “Its like a Journey on a rainbow” And that metaphor fits not only on “Boats”, it fits on all your poetry.


  5. Hi Nat, her name is Zoe Emiko and that was a really perfect description for sailing on The Boats harbor! Thank you again Natskers for being such a creative partner of mine..even if we go a few months between projects, “Why not?” (smiles) we never lose that bond:) HUGS


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Brilliant! A poem within a poem. I’m so impressed, touched and humbled by all this collaborative talent. Keep it up!


  7. Yesikita Coppola says:

    A little bit late!!!! But, I’m here :))) Happy RezzDay my lovely Kari! You , You , You are always in my heart. Beautiful to read you again and to watch again your great work with Nat… I was remembering today “Follow Me!” , fantastic tribute to all the scripters in-world. You girls are amazing! A big hug for you Kari. Your rezzday is forever! ♥


    • Aww Yesi, thank you..Nat made this movie all on her own, because she really fell in love with the world on Kitely.I invite you to come visit, we can set up a time, and I would be happy to show you around! This is a fun world, with the poem coming to life, and many other little things to discover:) Thank you too for your words on my rezzday (Kitely..I am almost 9 in SL:) and also your comments on Follow Me. That is one of my favorites too…to be honest:) I adore our scripters!!


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  9. lunabranwen3 says:

    I finally made it to see your “All My Boats” world at Kitely, and I want to wish you a belated Happy Kitely rez day, first off, and secondly want to say how much I love the layers and textures of the poem and of the build. The world born of the poem brings the dimensions of your words fully vivid with the colors and, of course, with your voice resonating across the ripples of the water, both soothing and reminding of the muse when absent, lost and missing, and then again when that muse returns and docks at our shores. Really beautiful, Karima. Delighted to have this opportunity to visit your new world. Blessed Ramadan Mubarek, (which may be doubly saying “blessing,” but you get the idea. 🙂 I look forward to catching up with you one day soon. Hugs~


  10. Aww thank you so much Luna! I am sorry I just seemed to miss you again last night. I hope you took a ride out with the boats and enjoyed the rope ballet:) Thank you so much, my fellow poet, for really feeling the poetry in our build, and observing it with your sensitive eyes, ears and heart:) Thank you too for Rez Day and Ramadan wishes.. We MUST catch up soon..I know a very lovely place on Boats where we can too:) You have a standing invitation now..just let me know when xxxx and Big Hugss


  11. Shesa says:

    The truism “better late than never” certainly applies to me on this one. I am astounded that you have accomplished so much on Kitely. In SL, creating comes easier because you seldom have to start from scratch. “on the shoulders of giants” as it were. There on Kitely, there are no giants… or perhaps its better to say, you ARE the giants. ;o) As a tech writer, all day long I take the code our programmers write, and turn it into English “for the rest of us to understand”. What struck me most about this one… is how you and Dale went the other (much harder) direction… taking your words, of a thought, and turning them into a vision…. and… into code! That’s SO cool! ;o)


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