One Tally, One Grief


United Nations Country by J Jasso Deviant Art

For Tube

From the first day when we breathe our first breath
to the end when we offer our last  one to death,
in Europe, or Asia,  South America, the Middle East
Humans have hopes, we make prayers, we dream,
we make plans, we want peace,
just a good life, a long one,  with health, hearth and happiness .

None of us want to be surprised by tornadoes, flash floods, or head- ons on the highway,
home burglaries. hate crimes, or positive biopsies.
Today what we all share, whether we know it our not, as  stitches in the fabric of humanity,
is the fear, of being in the wrong place at the random wrong time
therefore becoming the target, of someone’s private or collective insanity.

No human life is worth less  than one more expendable than the other.
When horror attacks with an axe, or a truck or truck bombs, chanting mob rhetoric
inciting riots and rampages, proclaiming , torture, displacement, and cruelty,
no horror or grief is felt less than another, just because they live where the sun goes down first.

No one mourns for a little while, then goes back to their day.
No one shrugs off a loss, or a trauma, not if they were there,
knew or lived in that country or really cared.
49 dead in Orlando, 41 dead in Istanbul,
84 dead in Nice, 80 dead in Kabul
200 dead in Baghdad, in Saudi Arabia 4
9 dead in Munich, mostly the young
70 in Pakistan women and children among…
and the injured in the hundreds and hundreds,
The tally goes on and the reaper keeps reaping
and the news and the media forget them all rather quickly,
and some don’t  make the front pages, not even that fateful day ,
and the ones who fall first, are the ones never sentenced to pay.
All of them, innocent victims week after week, month after month.
All tears taste like salt, and all blood smells of rust,
Cry for them all, offer  prayers and your deeds, may they  return us to sanity…
but…light a candle, lay your flowers down on the ground,
not for just one… but for all of humanity.

Karima Hoisan
July 24th 20016
Costa Rica

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14 Responses to One Tally, One Grief

  1. daleinnis says:

    So very true! Poor all of us…


  2. joeysl says:

    As always you say it best, Karima. Hugs.


  3. Steve Rogers says:

    You nailed it! Why should we mourn just those people whose deaths are dramatic enough to sell newspapers and forget the tide of birth-and-death which rolls in and out every day? If we don’t take stock of the phenomenon as a whole we might as well not pretend to take stock of it at all. Thank you for your clarity.


  4. ragmedia says:

    Since we are not alone in our insanity, it gives hope that we are not alone in our salvation. Think globally act locally.


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    The reaper keeps reaping!!!! Exactly ruca. And the media holds on to a story only for a short time while looking for others to replace it. I notice our flag here is continually at half mast. I’ve never seen the likes of this in all my years. And yet…When I’m out and about I mostly witness goodness and kindness. Somehow we must hold it together and not get swallowed in the frenzy.. Easier said than done? Another very powerful piece by Karima Hoisan!


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