“Unmindful” The Movie by Natascha Randt & Karima Hoisan

On July 16th, I posted here in my blog, about a new world that Dale Innis and I were beginning to build on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, called, “Unmindful” See post:
As I said in the post, it was an experiment, to prove or disprove something I had come to believe: “You don’t need an idea to create…ideas come…all you need to do is start.”

So we started off  with no ideas about what the world would be, just making sort of odd stone structures, with off-sim wind turbines, and a parade of wild animals standing on rugs moving in a figure-eight. That was our first part of the build, but then unmindful to how the focus even began changing, we shifted in a very different direction. I had the concept, but I promise you, if it weren’t for Dale, we would never have pulled this off. (Have you heard me say that before?) Just know, that no animation was involved in this film, What you see, is how it is on the world, and the  innovative movement was made possible, by Dale,a very creative scripter and my building partner. A week ago, I was feeling a little down, as it had been almost six weeks, since I had written a poem. I knew I wanted to write something for this world, as the changes had all of a sudden become a giant metaphor, and this happened while neither of us was even aware. Hard to get more unmindful than that:)
So we found ourselves in this new stage of the world, a rolling metaphor and I expressed to Dale, that I hoped I might write a poem to it, as it was nearly finished on the building level.

I started writing the poem sometime in the afternoon last Sunday and by Monday morning about 6:00 am, I had not only finished the poem, but found the most perfect music, the only music for it, had made a recording and also a primitive but full 6 minute video!
My muse had not made me stay up all night for a long time, but I am smart enough to know, if your muse invites you to do that…just do it. Those creative bursts can be very few and far between. I wrote a note to Nat, and sent her my little simple video (which I am sure was very painful for her to watch..filmed with no shadows etc 🙂 and I said, Nat, I am obsessed. let’s do this right.”

Now a week later, and after many brainstorms, my  back-seat driving the editor:) and trying this and that, re-shooting, re-recording,  I think we have our movie. Our process is very much ours, and we can even laugh at ourselves, but it works! This is the 19th video that we have made together. Four years and 19 videos later, we still have the formula to combine, talents, swallow egos, and just give it our best until we both agree…”That’s it.” It’s Done.” Two perfectionists coming together again, trying to make an entertaining and hopefully thought-provoking machinima.

This time, we had a special gift, in the form of the composer, Akoviani, giving us his permission to use his piece  “Ariel” from his beautiful and haunting album, “Hypnotica”
found on http://www.jamendo.com. Even though this is for our personal use and not a
commercial project, it’s very reassuring to be given the rights to use it, and we can proudly share our film with him too.

Last but not least, my deepest thanks to Nat, my film partner. Thank you Nat for putting up with all my “buts” 🙂 I love it but……. This is perfect but….” Lol!  Only you Nat, but in the end, we both agreed;  it is our 19th baby, gestated quickly, born with some labor and extra effort, but hopefully held and loved by our friends and audience alike..
We give you, “Unmindful” A Randt & Hoisan Production. As always HD and full screen is the best viewing. Comments here and on YouTube are always welcome.
Please read Natascha’s blog post in German here:

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20 Responses to “Unmindful” The Movie by Natascha Randt & Karima Hoisan

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  2. ronald174 says:

    Well ladies….I watched the final completed work. I don’t know how you keep topping yourselves…but you do. Just astonishing! The music absolutely works. I think you have created a visual story of life’s quandaries and story on this Planet. You pose the bottom line questions and dilemma about birth, life, choices, and death…..and what’s next???? The graphics are as lush as the music. Which is as lush as the poetry….which is as lush as the story itself. In case you missed it-I loved it! I hope this wonderful work can get some publicity and exposure-where it belongs in this age of mindless and infantile musings and rants. This is the real deal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Ronald…as always your words inspire and bring us joy! You have such a way of breaking it all down, and making us feel even prouder for a process, we feel, just took us over, and that we had very little to do with, but just go with it until it was finished. Sometimes it takes month for us to finish a film, this one drove us on to do it in 10 days..This might be a record for us, and maybe only one other film I can remember, “Follow Me” bewitched us into working overtime..like this one did. Thank you for your spiritual support in the wings, and your generous spirit that always let’s us know..we created another work that you loved! Please, if you would just copy and paste this wonderful comment in the YouTube page so all can see it, it would be very appreciated.


  3. Minetheree says:

    Very nice machinima. I will make a visit sometime today and share some photos-)


  4. janbetts says:

    BRILLIANT! really love tthis one! what a wonderful creation once again Natasha and Karima really outdid yourselves… as you continue to do… and of course Dale is so much a part of this creative masterwork! congratulations!


  5. lunabranwen3 says:

    “The smoother we roll, the longer we go.” Indeed!
    Wonderful to see and hear the sites, sounds/music and your evocative words, Karima—An exceptional collaboration between the three of you—place, poem and film production. Kudos to you all, Kari, Nat and Dale. I will give a go to getting over to see the world at Kitely! Love and hugs~


    • Thank you so much Luna and hopefully we can coordinate our time and try to be good hosts and show you around. Thank you again for being such a loyal friend and giving your support always. If you could copy and paste this comment on YouTube it would be very appreciated! Hugs!


  6. Henri Godenot says:

    No wonder I haven’t heard from you in a while! This is wonderful. I just love your work.


  7. daleinnis says:

    Reblogged this on Dale Innis’s Weblog and commented:
    I will take a LITTLE credit for parts of this, mostly my expertise at not having any particular goal in mind :), and a nice “make a ball look like it’s rolling without risking actual physics” script that I did. It’s a great movie, and a great sim; experience both!


  8. Maria Vought says:

    It’s been a while, but sooo worth the wait sis. It was wonderful, somehow you managed to distill what it is to be alive and I found myself thinking how wonderful it would be if everyone adopted the smoother farther mantra but even when it gets tough we keep on rolling anyway – we start and end always in the same places. I loved the music, it suited your voice and the words so well, and Nat’s filmography was gorgeous – more please!


    • So glad you enjoyed this one sis. Yes smoother /farther but then winding up in the same place..however, maybe the journey was much more interesting taking some detours and exploring beyond the track:) In any case, I want to give that little sphere a big hug before he climbs up the last stairway..ready to descend to the patio of the last mystery and get sucked down that hole:) Akoviani’s music and my poem got married in that film:) The first time I heard the music, I almost felt like it was written just for our film:) What an amazing talent and I have honored him on the world by making a small dance floor (marble of course) where only the music from his album Hypnotica plays:) and the dance ball has ballet moves..It’s magic! Hugs sis..we just loved your comment! Love you too!!


  9. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima, Natascha, and Dale…This is so well done! Breathtaking and mesmerizing. So professional. And Miss Karima…The words! Your well spring is never empty. I’m so proud of you. Your introduction would make a perfect Oscar speech by the way. Keep up the magic… all three of you!


  10. Oh Hoyt so sorry, I thought I sent this reply days ago! I loved that you think my intro could be used as our Oscar speech..haha I am ordering my designer gown as we speak…but seriously, we were both a little surprised, but very happy about the response we have received for our little film made …just because:) You have always been so appreciative of every project we have undertook. That’s special/you’re special! Thank you.


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