Catharsis and Serendipity

Do I believe in magic? Well of course I do. I have seen the proof of its existence so many times, I would be a fool to deny it. Magic is perhaps most easily seen in the creative world, the process that all musicians, writers, sculptors, poets, scripters, filmmakers, know intuitively and personally. It is woven into the very fabric of their creations. It has to do with surrender, trust, and releasing the brakes, while giving up control at the very same time. As I suggested in my last post, about Nat’s and my latest machinima, “Unmindful” there was a true air of serendipity and magic in the way that everything fell together perfectly, starting with the building of the world, to the last frame of the movie. Part of that process was finding the right music, and as all of you know who know me well, the music is of utmost importance to me to be able to write and to accompany my poetry when I perform. The music has to be just “right” before I can make a soundtrack for one of our films, and Akoviani’s track, “Aerial”, from his album Hypnotica was the perfect and only fit for “Unmindful.” Sharing talents and collaborating with people around the world is such a gift and one I hold dearly and what has happened since proves to me that magic is alive and well.Now, a little over 10 days later from posting our film, I found myself being asked to be a part of the composer’s brand new album which will soon be released. He also was looking for, the right voice in his case, and this time, the right voice was mine…smiles. His music was the right music for my project and as it turned out, my voice was the right one for his.. MAGIC! I proudly present a short 60 second teaser, with very good production values, to announce Akoviani’s new album,” Catharsis,” which will be released soon. I can hardly wait to hear it all, and I suggest that you stay-tuned and I will let you know when it is released. In the meantime, listen to the beautiful tracks from his album “Hypnotica,” found here : Hypnotica to get a feel of his mind, and great talent. He says this about himself: “We are all vibrations, energy and nature. We are in a balance of feelings and passions, somewhere in between the mind and the spirit.”Am sharing a video just posted using our Akoviani’s soundtrack and my voice with Sufi imagery. It’s beautiful. Enjoy!

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23 Responses to Catharsis and Serendipity

  1. *Footnote:
    Just to clarify, the words I speak in the beginning are Akoviani’s…not mine:) but of course…I totally agree!


  2. Wow Karima, thats so powerful and your voice and the music go very well together. Cant wait to hear the finished one.


  3. Thommes Voyager says:

    If life follows its own rules, it has a chance for a perfect match, like this is!!!
    Its just an awesome part of masterpiece it seems, music and voice are a perfect unity… cant wait for the release!


    • Oh Thommes, I just love your comment…and agree.:) I am so pleased to play a small part in this big project. I too really look forward to hearing it all. Thanks for finding my blog and leaving it:)


  4. Amiata says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Yes, I am screaming. What a fantastic collaboration! Born of magic, how could it not be?
    I just love it. I can’t wait to see/hear the rest!



  5. daleinnis says:

    Wow, so cool! Magic indeed, the magic of serendipity and things just falling into place… Can’t wait to hear the finished thing!


  6. ronald174 says:

    The teaser was really, really good! Your “voice” was perfect vibe, tone, feeling, and energy. Of course his music is “otherworldly and haunting”, but you your own secret sauce. Interestingly enough….this also reinforces the point he is making, that magic is the creative energy in, around, behind, and within us. That the magic is your own being adding to the tone poem, if you will. Your voice is distinctive and the magic of that reverberates off of anything near. The perfect counterpoint to his writing and music. Like a brilliant energy dance! It is bottomless….yet sparkles with life. Can’t wait to hear final work. Nicely done, Karima.


    • Thanks Ron..yes the teaser is a very well-done production..and the music really teases too..Thank you so much..I am just so grateful for how his music “married my poem” in our video, Unmindful, without either knowing each other and then..I was asked to say a few words at his latest unveiling..That truly is magical!


  7. janbetts says:

    Wow! Exotic and rich…. your voice is perfect to begin this amazing unique music! your talents
    do work magicly together!


    • Thank you dear friend! Nice to see you here in the Rabbit Hole again. I am so pleased how this came together and can’t wait for the final product to be released either..Big Hugs and appreciation, for your comment Jan!


  8. Henri Godenot says:

    A perfect match, that is wonderful!


  9. Hoyt Heron says:

    Your voice fits perfectly. A magic match up. John Prine, the famous song writer says, “Sometimes inspirations are sent from somewhere all wrapped up with a bow on them and you must grab on.” This has happened to you on numerous occasions. And now again.


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  12. tutsy says:

    Superb musical poem I like very much. Bravo both of you Karima


  13. What a spectacle…!! Wow… I love his music… it takes me back to all that’s magic in life… the things we ignore in our mundane existence. I always begin with the laptop audio, and have to invariably shift to my headphones to get the most of the subtleties in the music. Thanks for sharing, Karima… it was amazing how he found exactly the right voice (yours) and the places where to put it…


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