This Winter’s Coming Colder

Snowstorm by Kushner Vladimir.jpg

Snowstorm by Kushnerov Vladimir-Moscow Russia

See what happens when we look away,
and the magician pulls out a nightmare from his hat?
How.. or why did he do it.. and why weren’t we aware of that?
Did you feel a sway in your reality on election day…
or when you were laid off with no severance pay?
Now we are in the times where things not possible can be,
where truth is less important than effect
and alone in the back seat sits, compassion tolerance and equality.
We wish we were raised in the woods by wolves, and had not studied  our history…
because when we add it up, it looks like a grim winter is upon us.
Store the wheat for it might be a siege and store some grains of sanity.
Talk to everyone you really care for, let them know it. Flutter handfuls of compassion like the first snow flakes and help everyone you love; find new ways to show it.
Love your friends, the strangers struggling in the streets, your distant family
and don’t stop there!
Repay the envy of your enemies with a smile.
Because, as the prophet said, even a smile is an act of charity.
Be generous of your time,  your human warmth, your equanimity…
Don’t be afraid to open wide your heart, along with your front door.

I can hear it in the whistling trees;
this winter’s coming colder than the year before.

Karima Hoisan
December 2, 2016
Costa Rica

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8 Responses to This Winter’s Coming Colder

  1. daleinnis says:

    Argh, colder indeed; your words are comfort in a troubled time. And that is the perfect, very cold, picture.

    Generosity is so important…


  2. joeysl says:

    You warm even the coldness of these days with your words. Generosity and kindness it is then! Thank you so much, Karima. HUGSSS!


    • Oh Joey, WordPress ate my first reply…:( Thank you for your comment and your commitment to bringing some warmth out to the cold.. I am holding myself to try to practice what I preach..that is my desire and my plan too:) big warm hugs for you too Joey!


  3. ronald174 says:

    There is indeed an icy wind blowing in from some black hole in the Universe. It feels like evil is on a rampage here in US. As you say-truth has become increasingly irrelevant and ugly political spin now is considered prophesy and desirable. Your message of hope is needed now more than in a long time. The cold winds are blowing and the words of the Prophet as well as the Dalai Lama are the same-don’t close your heart and hide within fears. Now more than ever we will be tested. What do we truly believe? Do we hold fast to loving our neighbors? Our friends and comrades? Our affinity groups? Our stated principles? Generosity will define us to others and ourselves for a long time to come. You set a shining star to follow. One of courage-of dedication-of commitment to our fellow travelers. The world needs leaders like you who speak the truth and also to courage. Karima’s flame is a beacon of hope in a night of seeming darkness!


    • Thank you Ron, for your wonderful comment. I agree, all the wise who have walked this planet have something to teach us, and we need to listen now to them, more than ever. Your black-hole analogy is a good one..something is afoot, sucking up the very air we breathe, all the things we have come to believe..I am just one voice of many many and I at times, I can hardly hear myself above the black-hole’s roar. Before we all get vacuumed in..let’s do some some loving when and where we can.


  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    Wow! Wow! You so hit the target with this one Ruca!….”Store the wheat…Grains of sanity…” As you know, I’ve been waiting for this since Nov 9th. One month now. Your commentary is always held in high esteem by this reader.


  5. Thank you Ruco! I probably knew you were waiting for me to say….something. I almost was successful in not doing that..but then..I felt I just had to:) That was probably you:)


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