Photos and a Recording from Aux Bains du Paradis

Well the reading I did yesterday was really fun, and I have Natascha Randt to thank for taking some amazingly beautiful pictures at the venue while I was reading. I want to share them all, along with a recording I made of the event. If any of you wanted to come, but couldn’t, just click this link to download and hear the whole hour:) Recording of Reading at Aux Bains Du Paradis
Once again thank you to Kim(kimhanh) for the beautiful Arab-style venue, and to Rob Barber for inviting me to read. It was a magical scenario and I want to thank everyone who supported me by being there.


Reciting “The Possessive” in front of Jan Bett’s  gorgeous painting,”Dissolving and Becoming”


The magical atmosphere Kim created


A poet’s -eye view


Dale Innis changing the imagery


I hope they invite me back:) These textures are to die for….



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2 Responses to Photos and a Recording from Aux Bains du Paradis

  1. Nat made her own post in German if you would like to see it, click here:
    Big Hugs Nat and thank you for coming and for being soooo good at advanced lighting and photography:)


  2. You’re Welcome, Karima:) It was a wonderful reading in a great ambience. That made it easy taking some nice pictures


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