The Past Came For Lunch Today

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Costa Rican Fogón

The Past Came For Lunch Today

The past came for lunch today
one after another they sat in chairs
at the dining room table that was set
for less
and so some stools and some
odd chairs were added until we
were all sitting down.
There was much expectation..
I saw everyone smiling
because the past had come for lunch today
and met up with now at the dining room table…right now
making new memories…that sometime in the future
would be great ones to remember
from the past.

Each carried a bridge
that they laid down straight to my heart
and the memories flowed over it
and laughter skipped over it
and heaping plates of rice with chicken,
were shuffled back and forth
on the magical conveyor belt below the girders.
Then our mouths opened for talking
and our mouths opened for laughter
and our mouths opened for eating.

We marveled that we were still
coherent and alive
still in the same country
still connected after years of silence
and it felt like …
just like Time had stopped
then jerked us into the present,
which was now…
which was at this dining room table
of laughter and good food…
and it was like no time had gone by
and it was also like we had missed so many lifetimes
forgot to make more memories
too busy in our daily lives
to try to even do a few.

By the time coffee was served
We had agreed this must happen
once again…
make memories
not only recall them…
There was still time
and we all wanted to.
So we agreed on a date,
and even a menu
and our eyes sparkled
in mirth and irony…
because we realized
we had just invited the past
to come back again
into the future.

Karima Hoisan
Jan 4, 2018
Costa Rica


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6 Responses to The Past Came For Lunch Today

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    An absolutely beautiful piece Miss Karima! I would have loved to be at that table! I so cherish your poetry and the fact that still, in 2018, you have an abundance of poignant thoughts and words to offer. As I’ve often said, I would pay a ransom for a book collection of all your works.


    • Aww thank you Hoyt! It was such a special moment..old neighbors and friends from “the old days of Dominical” showed up. It was magical! You have written down your favorites in your notebook…that might be the only copy of my “book” that will exist:)


  2. daleinnis says:

    Love this! So evocative, such perfect words, and set in such an interesting style and rhythm. You surprise me every time. 🙂


  3. Suzanne Walker says:

    Woe is me… left me with a lump and a throb in my throat. The past did not come for breakfast as it would be too early. It did not come for dinner because that would be too late. But it showed up for high tea to fuse the past with the unseen unforetold…


    • Aww Sis… Hugs you tight. I think we Sisters need to get together soon and certainly more often in 2018. Let’s make a promise that we keep…Our bridges are still there..waiting to share all sorts of wonderful, human things. I love you Suze….


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