Hope is Found


“The End of Hope ” by Silas Merlin

Hope is Found
inspired by the painting by Silas Merlin
“The End of Hope”

Born and raised on a distant shore…
The world was not as kind as I had thought it would be.
Still, I was the child who found hope in almost anything,
and saved butterflies, and ants drowning in puddles.
I nurtured hurt birds, because I understood at too early an age
the fleeting chances I’d be given to make a difference
and how quickly my youth could just disappear into the fog of the past.

Sometimes I transplanted a little shoot that struggled to grow,
in the sand between the bricks of the path.
I carefully uprooted and replanted it in fertile rich soil.
I had hopes it would thrive and I rewarded it for being brave,
for staying alive, long enough for me to find it.
I tried to faithfully visit this flower from time to time,
just to see how it was doing, if it was still surviving.

I noticed when I observed it, how we were much the same;
inside we had our vitality which was an essence, akin to magic.
Inside we would grow up exactly as our patterns ordained
a paint-by-numbers, that was filling in all on its own.
I was the child growing taller and more compassionate and aware.
It was the flower, shooting up and coming into its bloom.
How we both needed each other, to get to this moment.
That’s where I found hope, sitting between us.


Karima Hoisan
January 13, 2018


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7 Responses to Hope is Found

  1. daleinnis says:

    Beautiful and sad and happy and moving. We need hope so very much.


  2. Suzanne Walker says:

    From many moons ago…I befriended you on a poetry site because of that poem of the ‘dog looking at the world upside down’ …(amongst lots of other things.) It seriously made me look at the world differently. You touch a place in my soul with your words. And yes! You always create hope. Your soul speaks with words on wings. Please repost that poem!! I beg you!


    • Thank you my also very talented poetic sis! I hope you are talking about the one I think you are. Anyway,,I will post it and see..giggles..Thank you for seeing me..and my soul:) I think probably 14 years of moons have passed since we were friends on Old Blue:) How wonderful! Love you Sis!


  3. Suzanne Walker says:

    And, of course….Silas’ beautiful painting sparks the poetic brilliance. Kudos Silas!


  4. Yes…he has another very deep and interesting soul..I agree:)


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