Awards Ceremony-Party at Kari’s-Sunday!

So….lots going on this coming Sunday, March 25th starting at the early hour of 6am!!
That is the hour we, the machinima makers of Second Life who have an entry in the Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge will be up and chewing our fingernails at, and sad to say, perhaps the very last awards of this kind. If you follow this blog to some degree, you know that we have not done very well with judges in the past. This is a new year, so anything is possible, but no matter what, all of us involved know we have a good film, and we are proud of it. Whatever happens at the Awards, happens, but hopefully we will all be there, including Silas whose art was the inspiration for our film. See Post:The River of Forgetting. If you enjoy getting up early on Sundays, we would love to have you sitting with us:)
After the awards are announced, we will take a few hours out to cry or joyously jump up and down;) and then we have a PARTY at Kari’s Bar and Dance in its new location: LINC matter how we do… we will CELEBRATE!!


Poster by Natascha Randt

For this party, we have the really fabulous (I mean really!) DJ Outlaw spinning,Blues, Country and Zydeco for your listening and dancing pleasure. It is the same Kari’s Bar and Dance that has been in existence in New Toulouse for 9 years now!!

We brought it home to our city in the sky, LINC City, to grace our streets and Entertainment District. The same great ambiance, same great people, and a super duper dance ball to enjoy it all. For those of you that remember the New Toulouse days, the iconic Harley’s Hotel that used to be across from Kari’s has once again moved and is across the street.. again!! Just like old times. Welcome back Harley on LINC Island!!

I invite you all to join us for some great music and high spirits..Please put it on your calendars (avatars are sooo forgetful) and party with us for 2 hours 12noon slt-2pm.
The LM will take you to our sim below, where you will find another teleport, so just choose Kari’s Bar and Dance and Voilá you will be at the door!
Please plan on exploring the city that was just about single-handedly created by Natascha! It has so many cool places, a park, and  great places for pictures…

Hope to see you on Sunday, March 25th at Kari’s Bar and Dance…and if you are up early…send us a good luck wish for the Ceremony:) and…if somehow I didn’t nudge you hard enough to see our entry…here it is to watch before Sunday:)

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  1. menubar says:

    Good luck Buddeh!


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