Awards & Party Re-Cap


From Left to Right: Joey, Nat(JeJo) Silas the Tree, Karima, Dale (Missing: Maria Vought)  Excellent Photo by Nat

I should have done this yesterday, but I was still a little worn out by all the excitement and partaying and emotions that flowed on Sunday, beginning with the Awards at the UWA where the sim had to be “stretched” to accommodate everyone. I was not able to cam there, and so, could not take pictures, but it was a very exciting event, and very emotional. It was Jay Jay’s last public event for the UWA and so it was a highly-charged mixed moment of nerves for the awards, sadness for Jay Jay leaving, and emotions hearing La Piscean speak about Second Life and his love for it.
You can read the whole transcript on the UWA blog here
The title, “The Long Kiss Goodbye” should give you a feeling of how poignant the ceremony was.  We were very thrilled and excited and blown away to have received the Third Place Award. This means a lot for Nat and I, that the judges this year, found our efforts worthy to be in the Top 5! It stimulates us even more, to keep creating. I also want to point out what a great stimulus it was to see all the Likes and comments and views on YouTube along with the views in SLArtist. It drives us on to keep making better films, each time, and that we really do have an audience to entertain and who truly enjoys our films.
Soo, we took this Team picture after the event on LINC Island and just was sorry that Maria, who looked adorable too in her Team uniform, could not stay to be with us. Thank you to my sister Diz (DzinWiz Babii) for getting up as early as we did and giving us moral support at the Awards event.
What I do have, are some great photos of the dance I held at my bar, Kari’s Bar and Dance, after the ceremony. It had recently moved back to my home sim, after 9 years in New Toulouse.
Thanks to Dale Innis and Natascha, I will put up some images of the Celebration, with DJ Outlaw, and at times 30 friendly, dancing avatars:) Here they come…..


Dancing to some Great Blues and Zydeco-Photo Dale Innis

party PARTy.jpg

Having a good ‘ol time Photo by Nat


WOOTS! Photo by Nat

Nat showing our guest

Nat directing (after all she Is a Director:)) a lovely avatar to the Dance Ball (Nat photo)

Oing the otter

The Otter, “Oing” aka Scottius Polke!

1st place winner

Great to have Glasz DeCuir with us 1st place Winner at the Awards!! Photo by Nat


Tube in the Top Hat..Rob Barber and friend  Photo by Nat

The Tube of my favorite people and new neighbor on LINC Island Photo by Dale

Beef & Me Tube

Beeflin (another cast member and dear friend) and yours truly:) Photo by Dale

Take me by the hand

“Unity” Love this shot with Dale Innis (scripter extraordinaire)  Photo by Dale

Dale Innis_Beef

Cutie Pie Close-up. Is that Jessica Jones back there in red?? Photo by Nat

Always Gorgeous Gamma & Shesa

The Always Gorgeous Duo: Gamma & Shesa! Photo by Nat

Gamma Shesa

Another good shot of them:) Photo by Dale


The Adorable RoseDrop and the Otter front n center:) Photo by Dale

Luna Rosedrop

Gorgeous Luna (left) and handsome RoseDrop (right) Photo by Nat


Fabulous Harley my neighbor and very dear friend Photo by Nat

Cool Customers

As the party wound down..some cool customers stayed ’til the end:) Photo by Nat

Thank you everyone for all your support, and thank you Jay Jay, LaPiscean, Pookymedia,Chantel Harvey, Singh Albatross, for this beautiful challenge, “Art of the Artists”
Hope to invite you all back to Kari’s Bar and Dance on LINC City…real soon:)

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6 Responses to Awards & Party Re-Cap

  1. Jay Jay says:

    Thanks Karima & Natascha for giving us some of the most memorable film across the years!


    • Thank you Jay Jay…. Your words mean so much to Nat and me. Your appreciation of our videos has always been a very inspiring part of entering into the UWA challenges over the years. You will be very missed by everyone, and I promise you, we will send our latest “fresh from the oven” to you when we finish it…and the one after that too:).


  2. You are right, Karima we have great friends and fans and a supderuper audience! They always give us a push to do something we never did before.


  3. daleinnis says:

    Yay, pictures! It was a great party 🙂 and congrats to the TEAM for the award. Your oeuvre is amazing, and I’m privileged to have been able to contribute my little scripts…


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