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The green road leads to somewhere..
tree-lined with butterflies flitting in the flowers;
it promises life.

The blue road appears to end underwater
but it’s just an illusion, as it stretches on and down,
a soothing oblivion.

They intersect at some point along their way
one heading into the forest, one plunging into the lake
You can always choose… which one is for you.

Karima Hoisan
July 18, 2018
Karak, Jordan

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6 Responses to Roads

  1. daleinnis says:

    Wow… this one will take some thinking about! 🙂 Lovely evocative words…


  2. Hoyt Heron says:

    Great thoughts Ruca! Which road to take. I like the part that says, “You can always choose.” So true, but at times we don’t always make the right choices. But the age old question…Would we want to know?


    • I think in the end, any choice we make, we own and move in that I always say choices are not as cut and dried as we are led to believe..(all good or all bad..The box with the million dollars or the one with the striking cobra) they are just different directions on which we begin to move…I think it’s not necessary to know where the other road might have taken us…but it could be interesting:) Thank you for your thoughts Hoyt! Sorry I missed this comment.


  3. ronald174 says:

    So little time-so many dilemmas. Always the choices. If only we knew? Could see far enough, wide enough, 3-D enough. But we don’t. What choice do we have-follow our intuition. Maybe the green, maybe the dark unknown. This is where we have to depend on our intuition-we don’t know until we try something!


  4. I love that you brought up intuition Ron! I think if we trust that, probably, we will pick the road best suited for our needs at the I said to Hoyt above..decisions, like these roads are not so cut and dried…good and bad could be found on them both… Thank you for always taking the time out to leave a thoughtful comment..


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