When I Used To Be A Poet

Gazing at Nympheas 24 x 18 Dennis Perrin

Gazing at Nympheas by Dennis Perrin.

I still remember when…
I used to be a poet.
When a phrase,
or dream,
or vision
had that alchemy,
to change into painted words upon a page.
Then that feeling of urgency overtook me
and I rushed to find a pen
or keypad
and not lose that thought:
The kernel that could be popped
into a full- blown poem
with my name on the bottom.

I always knew…I KNEW “this will be a poem”
sometime soon.
I would whisper that phrase to anyone nearby
or out-loud to no one.
but, it was important to say it;
it was part of the process
that had evolved over years.

This moment,
this painting,
this conversation
has that special energy,
to move me out of myself
and into the certainty…
a poem was coming.
It was coming soon,
a speeding train of inspiration,
of  imagination,
and not even I could stop it.

Karima Hoisan
August 31, 2018
Costa Rica
* Footnote: Thanks to a conversation with Luna Branwen for this thought:)

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23 Responses to When I Used To Be A Poet

  1. daleinnis says:

    A poem about how you used to be a poet; how appropriate! 🙂 We are all glad that you still are.


  2. Joey says:

    Ha, I just thought the same as Dale 😀 Once a poet, always a poet. Sometimes you may be taking a bit of a time off, but you’ll always come around to those pretty words 🙂


  3. ronald174 says:

    You really capture that sense of creativity thundering forward like a huge locomotive-barreling ahead, unstoppable. You were born to be an amazing poetess. Among other things. This internal energy comes from where we were created. It carries all the force and energy and colors of creation. We each find our own pathways to reenact “the big bang”. We think more-feel more-care more-and ponder what we thought we had figured out. You pose the questions. Someone has to lead! You and your work matter very much.

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    • My wise friend:) Thank you for being swept up in my poetic process:) I sometimes feel, I am not doing my part enough, falling into inertia at times, that keeps me from writing..but your words always have that ability to pull me up and remind me…I am a poet:) I’m still one..thank you for saying that my work matters…in these days of fast Likes on facebook, I sometimes wonder, if my words still get through to people at all:)


  4. GypsyWoman says:

    Words are what we live by! And WORDS MATTER – always Bravo, Karima


  5. Going to add this comment from Luna who was not able to comment here. Now sure why WordPress makes it so hard to comment:(
    Luna Branwen Hugs, Karima! I am unable to reply on WordPress, so will simply say here, that it surely a joy to see this poem! As Joey said there, and as we spoke of, things/we “always come round.” Glad to see you come round here with this! Delightful! 🙂 ❤


  6. Dzin says:

    It’s like a peek behind the curtain (smiles) of when YOU go bananas on inspiration, LOL. Lovely to witness and always a joy to consume ((hugs)). Loves you Sissy-Poo and forever appreciates your generosity in sharing your ‘gifts’!


  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    Beautiful Ruca! Yet another poem has risen from your well-spring. You would say it just appeared. But, you are one of the few that can do a poem about a poem.


    • Aww, thank you Hoyt, my very long time reader and friend, I was feeling like my poetic days had gone..rereading poetry from the last 30 years..I started to feel..I had come to the end..but it seems my muse laughed and boom this poem and the next one were born quite quickly.It’s only over, when the muse says it is..I guess:)


  8. Una bella alegoría a esos susurros indecifrables…

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    • Benjamin…I now know you can TOTALLY RELATE to this one…my fellow poet:) It makes people who read us snicker, because they know more than us at the time..of course we will write again..a poet is a poet, even when not writing one at any moment in time.

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      • I like how you say that. Something to remember. A poet is a poet, a writer is a writer. And we don’t know everything but we have to know lots of things. There was a time when the poets were really the keeper of secrets, the master of histories, the spreader of truths, and then at some point poetry got a bit of a demotion, but I think it’s coming back strong again, and of course it could also never really go anywhere far off in the first place. The way your mind works is magical. It’s been nice conversing with you today.

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  9. Oh for me too, a pleasure and an honor..So nice to meet you and have you fall upon my blog:) I will put on my high boots and wade through yours soon too:) I look forward to it!


  10. Excellent!! So wonderfully crafted!

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