The Swamp House

This is a little different for me…not a machinima, but just a spoken word YouTube and a little mood I created with an original Garage Band piece I put together and the poem it inspired. The sign “The Swamp House” is a real sign that amazingly still exists after 30 years, painted by Jan Betts, for a swamp house I used to live in:)
The Image:
The Frog Hunter Shack
by James Finch
seemed a perfect fit for the music, lyrics and mood.
Let me know what you, or YouTube or….anywhere you can find me:)
The poem is written out under ” Show More” on the YouTube page.
Enjoy it on a headset turned up nice and loud:)



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11 Responses to The Swamp House

  1. ronald174 says:

    Well, Karima-here you are again, gloriously and dangerously careening around the road on the hill-or was it the steaming swamp? Nice Blues riffs! I spent lots of time at night with my camera exploring the coast near New Orleans. Huge live oaks hanging over the ocean with ghostly moss hanging in mats over the steaming water. Your picture captures that feeling exactly. So-where is your dark and mysterious muse beckoning you to this time? Is it destiny? Do you know where this pathway leads to? What shrouded stranger do you pursue? Is this some phantom of Marie Leveau? Yes-those dark nights get spooky and they do beckon-but to where? You are surely the brave explorer hurtling towards some unknown place. Quite a mood setter! Well done.


    • Thanks for dropping by my blog Ron..I know people prefer fb but this old blog still has sentimental value for me:) I love your descriptions..mine of course was a Costa Rican swamp:) Thank so much Ron for, as always, your very cool thoughts on my offerings.. This one was born music first.. then poem. I just “had a feeling” and I was the last one to guess it would be a deep sinewy Blues piece..The poem just sprung from the music.. sprung from a base line I started with…and that is that:) Sometimes things just come together..without much effort on our parts..The muse invited me to the swamp…and I, I have no idea what that mercurial muse might be planning:) but of course…I’ll say “yes”:)


  2. daleinnis says:

    Amazingly evocative! I’ve always loved the image of the deep dark swamp and all of the mysteries in it… this is a different take that includes all of that, and also a subtle feeling about the artist’s relationship with the muse. What a muse you’ve got! :D


  3. Thank you Dale…glad you went on that hike with me into the deep mysteries where it is all born:) As a creator you know all about that unpredictable to just say “sure..where do you want me to go?” I always look forward to what you have to say about it all…


  4. Joey says:

    Oh my, I that’s something! Actually, I got to listen to this a couple of days ago, but never got around to commenting on it. My bad! I truly love the whole atmosphere and the lyrics — and what a sound! So you’re a gifted musician, too, excellent! And never mind that voice of yours, that just gets me every time 😀 Picture me enchanted!


    • Aww Joey, so glad you really liked it and yes…I just pictured you enchanted hehe:) I didn’t play a real guitar..these are clips or loops, but still there is some skill and musical sense needed, to put them together..I knew when I first heard a few clips of the Delta Blues Guitar..that I had to compose something with them…I do play keyboard, which also helps in Garage Band, which is the software I used to make this track. Big hugs and thank -yous for leaving your comment!

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  6. Maria Vought says:

    Oh my, sis, this was fabulous! I pictured you swinging your hips as you walked through the swamp, sensual, smoldering, open to anything your muse might conjour up for you, and all to the beat of that dirty raw blues riff. I liked it. A LOT!


  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    This sounds like the writer is familiar with the swamp environs. Love the bluish sounding words and music. Great job Karima!


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